How to Pack a Diaper Bag When Potty Training Your Toddler

How to Pack a Diaper Bag When Potty Training Your Toddler


I was elated when my daughter first expressed interest in potty training. "This is the end of diapers!" I thought to myself. I had already been reading about potty training and had a great strategy at home. It wasn't until the potty training coincided with our daily routine that I realized, we won't always be home and within 15 steps of a toilet! How would I handle our potty training strategy outside of our house? And more importantly, what would I need to bring with me to ensure I didn't end up with a pee soaked (or worse!) toddler at Target?? 

After a little trial and error, I put together the perfect diaper bag packing list for being out-and-about with my toddler while potty training. Some of you may be asking, "can't you potty train in one weekend?". The answer is simple. All children are different. Some may kick the diaper habit in 48 hours, while others take a lot longer. Some may even show interest, yet resist actually moving away from diapers for months. If this sounds like your little one, be prepared with potty training essentials at all times :)

The Perfected Potty Training Packing List:

  • Pull ups or training underwear (x2) - Instead of packing diapers, you will now be packing training underwear or pull ups. I suggest packing a few pairs in your diaper bag to ensure you always have a spare pair on hand. 
  • Wet wipes - While toilet paper is available in all restrooms, you'll want wet wipes just in case the accident is a dreaded poop. 
  • Full change of clothing - Pack a full outfit instead of just the bottoms. If your little one does have an accident, they may feel more comfortable completely changing rather than only one piece of clothing. 
  • Hand sanitizer - This is a must for me! Hand sanitizer can be easier to use in some restrooms. You never know how equipped a restroom will be until it's too late. 
  • Reward snack - While slightly controversial, I find my toddler is motivated by a small reward. If she makes it through our outing without having an accident, I'm happy to offer one of her favorite snacks as a treat. 
  • Sippy cup with water - I always have a sippy cup with water in my diaper bag. Hydration is very important and I can't expect my daughter to use the potty if she doesn't have to go!

Now for the organization part. I, of course, organize everything inside my ToteSavvy. It's a great handbag organizer because it holds everything I need, while keeping each item easily accessible. Being made from a water repellant nylon fabric, the entire insert is essentially a "wet bag". It even boasts a large exterior pocket marketed as a "dirty pocket" for soiled clothing or diapers. This comes in VERY handy when you're looking for a place to stash those pee-soaked clothes! Check out ToteSavvy here, and see how I organize it below. 



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