Diaper Bag Essentials for Twins

Diaper Bag Essentials for Twins

Double the love calls for double the essentials when packing a diaper bag for twins. While you may not need two of EVERYTHING. You will need two (or more!) of most items inside your diaper bag. There are the obvious things, like diapers, that you know you'll need an abundance of. Then there are the less obvious (especially to the sleep deprived - I'm looking at you twin parent!) items that you better make sure you have two of.

While out and about with twins, organization becomes another key element to their care. If you need to fumble around in your diaper bag for 5 minutes trying to find their favorite love-y or pacifier, you know you'll have an irate infant on your hands. Even 30 seconds feels like an hour to a baby. And as you probably already know, twins tend to stick together and both throw a fit at the exact. same. time. Thank you for that my little angels. 

Let's start with the organization. This part is easy because all you need is a great organizer insert for your diaper bag or purse. We love ToteSavvy (clearly!) because it's large enough to truly hold everything you need for twins. It's also lightweight, and can turn any large tote into a highly functional diaper bag. Goodbye ugly mommy bag, hello Louis Vuitton! 

Now that you have the apparatus to hold your "stuff", let's talk about what to pack. 



Diaper Bag Essentials for Twins:

  1. Diapers -  Pack enough for both kiddos. We suggest 2-4 diapers per baby
  2. Wet wipes - Grab the large pack. We know it's big, but that little "travel size" pouch won't get through two poopy blow outs. 
  3. Diaper cream - Travel size works just fine here. You shouldn't go through more than a grape size amount of diaper cream in a single outing. 
  4. Hand sanitizer - Double the diaper duty requires double the cleanup. 
  5. Bottles -  Pack a clean bottle for every meal you expect your bundles of love to eat, plus an extra. My twinsies eat every 3-4 hours so I would pack 4 bottles for a 3-5 hour outing.
  6. Formula or breastmilk - Enough for each of the bottles you've packed. I recommend using little formula containers or to-go pouches for formula. Breastmilk requires a separate cold-bag to make sure it doesn't spoil. 
  7. 2 Bibs - Don't try to make it by on one bib. Your babies will eat and spit up at the same time if you do. 
  8. 1 Burp cloth - Since the burp cloth is protecting your clothing, one will suffice. 
  9. 2 Pacifiers - ALWAYS pack one for each baby. Not doing so could lead to total colossal melt down. 
  10. 2 Toys - This is where you want to pack smart. Grab a toy that also doubles as a teether or soother. I love Sophie the Giraffe for this!
  11. 2 Outfits - Again, if you only pack one outfit change, both babies will poop through their pants and spit up all over themselves. #parentproblems
  12. 2 Blankets or swaddles - We love gauze swaddle blankets. They double as a sunshield over the carseat and give you the option to swaddle if necessary. 

That should do the trick! Though this is a long list, it really is packing rather lightly. You have the basics you need to keep your little ones clean, dry, fed and happy.

Interested in using ToteSavvy as your diaper bag insert? Take a look at the video below to see how a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM is turned into a diaper bag :)


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