6 Ways To Pack The Deluxe Cooler Pocket

6 Ways To Pack The Deluxe Cooler Pocket
The Deluxe zippered cooler pocket is a fan-favorite because there are so many ways to use it! Whether you're on-the-go with your little ones, headed to work, or you're out for the day yourself, we wanted to give you six practical ways you can pack the cooler pocket.
Pack your lunch //
Deluxe Cooler Pocket Lunch
You can fit a LunchBots Bento Box and can of sparkling water perfectly. There's plenty of space to add a protein bar and ice pack as well!
Pack your breakfast //
ToteSavvy Deluxe Cooler Pocket--Lunch
Depending on your daily routine--if you find yourself eating your breakfast on-the-go, you can pack a yogurt, can/bottle of water or even a canned coffee along with an ice pack. It's so convenient to have breakfast with you so there's no need to stop anywhere!
Pack 3 Cans //
Deluxe Cooler Pocket with Drinks
Are you headed out for an adventure? You can fit 3-4 cans comfortably in the cooler pocket. Say hello to easy packing when it comes to your summer beach tote and you want to bring along a few spiked seltzers and waters to the beach!
Pack bottles //
ToteSavvy Deluxe Cooler Pocket Bottles
If you're headed out for an afternoon or evening, pack a few bottles for your little one. Be sure to add an ice pack--the cooler pocket will help them stay cool, but you always want to be safe when traveling with formula or breastmilk.
Depending on the style of bottles your little ones uses, you can fit 2 Phillips Advent style bottles comfortably, 3 is a tight fit as these are a wider style bottle. If you have thinner bottles like Dr. Brown's, you can fit 3 across.
Pack your toddler's favorite snacks //
ToteSavvy Deluxe Cooler Pocket Toddler Snacks
If you'll be out and about with your toddler, you know they need an endless supply of snacks! You can pack their sippy cup, pouches, and snack bars, and more! If your little one opens but doesn't finish one of their pouches, you can put it back in the insulated cooler pocket to keep it cool.
Pack your medication //
ToteSavvy Deluxe Cooler Pocket Medication
This was a follower suggested idea that we loved and wanted to share--so thank you for this brilliant idea! If you find that you need to keep your refrigerated medications with you throughout the day, the cooler pocket can keep them cool along with an ice pack.
How do you use the cooler pocket?! Let us know on Instagram!

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