Reduce the Stress of Holiday Travel with ToteSavvy

Reduce the Stress of Holiday Travel with ToteSavvy

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Traveling around the holidays is NOT a zen experience. From delayed flights to overcrowded airports, holiday travel tends to put a damper on the beginning and end of your vacation. Because it's not a reasonable solution to forego traveling all together, we're offering some tips to help keep you cool, calm and collected. 


Pack Smart

Know your destination and activities planned for your trip. If you're traveling to a tropical location you can get by on a few dresses, shorts, swimwear and sun accessories. Try not to overpack. You'll want to take the least amount of suitcases possible. 

If your destination calls for packing extra layers, be smart about your outfits. Utilize the same components for numerous ensembles. My general rule of thumb is to pack 3-4 tops per bottom. You can create 7-10 outfits out of only a few key pieces. To mix it up, pack smaller accessories (like jewelry and scarves) to distinguish each look. 

Don't Overpack Activities for Toddler or Baby 

Though it may sound appealing to pack the entire playroom for your flight, opt for smaller (and compact) toys that have a variety of features. For babies I love packing a teether that's also a fun shape (like Sophie the Giraffe) and a colorful book that makes crunching noises. Toddlers do well with books (think light and thin paperbacks) and a small magnetic play set. This is great for travel because the magnets keep the pieces from flying all over. We love Tegu because they're suitable for ages 1+.

Organization Is Key to Keeping Yourself Together

Your handbag will become your arsenal of tools for the trip so make sure it's impeccably organized with ToteSavvy. You'll want every item within reach and easily accessible. If you're traveling with a baby or small child, it's a good idea to pack their essentials in your handbag. This way you can be confident nothing will be left behind or lost.



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