Essentials for a Twin Parent

Essentials for a Twin Parent

twin essentials


1. ToteSavvy - As a seasoned twin parent I can tell you diaper bag organization is absolutely essential. You'll generally pack two of everything when on-the-go. Giving yourself to ability to access it all quickly and easily is such a lifesaver! ToteSavvy helps you do this by holding every baby item in tall pouches that can be accessed with one hand without un-tying, un-zipping or un-snapping anything. 

2. Baby Breeza Formula Pro - No matter how you feed your baby (breast or bottle) there are ways to make life a littler easier. Breastfeeding mamas see the next item! Bottle feeding mamas, you'll want to check this out! The Baby Breeza Formula Pro is pretty much a coffee Keurig but for baby formula. Fill it with your preferred brand of formula and distilled water to be ready to make a bottle at a moments notice. Simply select amount of ounces you'd like to make, then press start. You'll have a warm bottle of formula made for you in about 15 seconds. When you have two hungry babies even the fastest bottle warmers can't get your bottle ready fast enough. Plus, you save yourself from measuring out water and formula powder 10+ times (x2) per day. Total Lifesaver!

3. Twin Z Pillow - This little gem allows you to comfortably nurse both babies at once. Ah-mazing! When you have two newborns to feed on a daily basis you want to be as efficient as possible. On top of supporting your tandem nursing, the Twin Z pillow acts as a support for babies to relax and even do tummy time on :)

Bottle feeding mamas - the Twin Z pillow is helpful for you too! You can use it to prop both babies up when holding their bottles.

4. City Select Double Stroller - The absolute best stroller for twins I've found is the City Select by Baby Jogger. It allows you to connect both infant carseats (reverse facing) before you graduate to the regular seats that can be configured numerous different ways. It also boasts an "boogie board" accessory that enables an older sibling to ride along while standing. If you're still researching strollers definitely put this one on your list!

5. Wubbanub Pacifier - Besides being completely adorable, the Wubbanub pacifiers are very useful. The attached lovey makes it easier for baby to hold onto it and keep it in their mouth. The Soothie paci that's used is also what's provided in hospitals so if you forget to pack it in your hospital bag, your baby will already get used to that paci style during your recovery stay. As baby grows the lovey that's attached becomes a comfort for your baby, making it easier to remove the paci portion but keep the lovey when the time comes to rid the house of all binkys. 

6. Woombie Swaddle - Our babies were constantly escaping from their swaddles. No matter how tight we "burrito-ed" them, they'd somehow find a way to get an arm free (and subsequently startle themselves ALL. NIGHT. LONG). The Woombie swaddle is an amazing addition because it keeps baby's arms constrained without the ability to break free. Some babies also prefer to sleep with their arms bent on top of their chest. The Woombie allows baby to sleep this way while still being swaddled. 

7. Rock 'n Play Sleeper - Twin parents are very accustomed to not sleeping. It's hard enough to find time to sleep with one baby. Add another newborn to the mix and you're SOL. The only thing that helped our twins sleep during the first few weeks was their Rock 'n Play sleepers. Some combination of the slight incline and hugging shape allowed our little ones to actually nap for an hour or so at a time. I know that sounds like nothing but it's actually HUGE for a twin parent! 


Calling all twin parents! What other items have served you well over the years? We'd love to hear if you'd add anything to our list! 

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