How to Make ToteSavvy Work for Cloth Diapers

ToteSavvy makes it easy for you to organize the baby essentials when on-the-go. From bottles to bibs to diapers we’ve got you covered. Even if your diapers are not disposable, we know ToteSavvy can help keep it all organized with style.

Take a look at our video tutorial highlighting which pockets are best for your cloth diapering essentials!


Pocket style inserts are a great diapering option because you can quickly and easily remove the soiled insert and wash at home. Though the pocket style insert tends to be on the bulkier side, you can still pack up to 4 in our x-large pocket. Watch our video tutorial to see how we roll each insert and neatly stack inside this pocket. 

pocket style cloth diapers


pocket style cloth diapers




We love the prefold cloth diaper option as well because it allows you to use a service to wash the soiled diapers. When packing your ToteSavvy with prefold cloth diapers use the x-large pocket to hold up to 6. Your snappis can easily fit behind your cloth diapers or in one of ToteSavvy's small pockets.

prefold cloth diapers


prefold cloth diapers 



Pack the rest of your diaper bag essentials in ToteSavvy's remaining pockets. There's plenty of room for your wet wipes, change of clothes for baby, bottles (or water for yourself if you're nursing!), hand sanitizer, teether toy (wood elephant is by Little Sapling Toys), pacifier, wallet, keys, phone and lip gloss.    

diaper bag essentials cloth diapering


  • Life in Play

    Jillian – The key chain tassel is by Kendra Beshk. Find her designs on Instagram (@shopkendrabeshk) or at

  • Life in Play

    Melanie- The prefolds shown are size 6-12 months. They are quite large and folded twice before we stacked them. Have you tried rolling your prefolds like we showed with the pocket inserts? This is the best way to fit larger fabric items inside ToteSavvy!

  • Melanie

    What size prefolds are pictured? My son is wearing the XL cloth-Eez and we struggle to fit more than two. I’m hopeful that he’ll potty train soon and we’ll just need to pack smaller sizes for his soon-to-be-here brother.

  • Jillian

    Where’s that darling key chain tassel from?

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