Transitioning Your ToteSavvy From Baby to Toddler

Transitioning Your ToteSavvy From Baby to Toddler

ToteSavvy is a fantastic organizer for your baby bag, but what about when your sweetie pie is no longer a baby? You may not need to carry diapers but you do still need a diaper bag. Toddlers require a lot of essentials (even those that are potty trained) so we suggest transitioning your ToteSavvy to hold those game-changing necessities (like meltdown preventing toys) for your little cruiser.



1. Swap your diapers for training pants but don't nix the wipes!

toddler diaper bag essentials

baby bag insert

You won't need to carry 10 diapers with you any longer. 2-3 training pants will do just fine. Along with the training pants we suggest to continue carrying a full package of wet wipes. We love using them on sticky little fingers and even to help touch up mama's makeup :)

ToteSavvy packing tip! Place the training pants and wet wipes in the same pocket. You have plenty of room for both and it frees up an additional pocket for other items.

Like.... a spare change of clothing! Toddlers tend to get messy so continue to pack an outfit change just in case. 


2. Stock up on the snacks and entertainment

diaper bag organizer

baby bag organizer

The key to keeping a toddler or preschooler happy is food and entertainment. We recommend carrying a variety of snacks (think puree pouches, crackers, berries) and a sippy cup with water. Don't forget to pack a bib! 

For entertainment we suggest preparing yourself with options. Stickers and crayons are generally a crowd pleaser. We love stickers because it takes your toddler a little time to get it unstuck from the backing, extending the time he's occupied. Other great entertainment options are activity books, a magna-doodle or magnetic blocks. 

ToteSavvy packing tip! The two short pockets inside our organizer are great for little toys and snack containers. Also, if your sippy cup has handles, it will fit great in one of those pockets ;)


3. Leave room for your necessities

diaper bag insert

diaper bag organizer

After you're out of the baby stage, you'll have more room in your ToteSavvy for yourself. Utilize one of the large pockets for your wallet. Clip your keys to the handy key clasp. Slip a lip gloss or lipstick inside the outer short pockets. 

The flat pocket is great for holding your child's activity books, but also a great option for your own notebook or digital tablet. 



4. Slip ToteSavvy inside your favorite handbag 

diaper bag organizer insert

baby bag organizer insert

The great thing about ToteSavvy is it's so multi-functional. Yes, it makes a great diaper bag insert but it also organizes everyday essentials and keeps them from floating around your tote. Being able to access every item by just reaching in (no fishing!) is what makes ToteSavvy so great (and what will keep you sane!)




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