Affordable Handbags to Use With ToteSavvy

Affordable Handbags to Use With ToteSavvy

Since handbags are such big a fashion statement, they’re available at all different price points and at so many different stores. I’ve rounded up the cutest bags to use with your ToteSavvy, all under $100. I can’t wait to show you!

Slouchy Tote Handbag, Target ($29.99)

This bag is so sleek, and it will go with anything. Cognac is my absolute favorite color for a handbag. It’s not too light, it’s not too dark, and it’s perfect for any time of year. This looks like something you’d find at a high end department store, but at a fraction of the price. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)





Classic Faux-Leather Tote, Old Navy ($34.94)

I need to talk about this blush purse. I love how blush and cream are now year-round colors. This purse is perfect for spring and summer, but will easily transition into fall and winter. This purse is calling my name! (Best fit: ToteSavvy original) 





Reversible Faux Leather Handbag, Target ($36.99)

I absolutely adore this shade of blue! It’ll give you the perfect pop of color with any outfit. However, if you need something a little more subtle, have no fear! Just turn this bag inside out and it becomes a beautiful navy. Any parent loves an item that multitasks. Two bags in one? Yes, please! (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)





Large Expandable Nylon Tote Handbag, Target ($34.99)

I love this bag so much! It comes in eight colors and patterns which is always a plus. The cool thing about this bag is that you can unzip the bottom if you find yourself needing a little bit more space. This bag would come in handy if you frequently go to the park or the beach where you’d need a little more room to pack a blanket or a towel. And once you’re finished, you can zip it back up. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)





Giani Bernini Nylon Foldable Packable Tote, Macy’s ($89.50)

I was immediately attracted to this color. It’s just as pretty in person; it reminds me of peonies! I love how the nylon is easy to clean. This bag has a zipper which is always a plus! As you may have inferred from its title, this bag is perfect for traveling. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)





Nine West Belecia Tote with Pouch, Macy’s ($89.00)

I know what you’re thinking. How dare I put a white purse on this list? Well, hear me out. One of my favorite purses of all time is a white leather purse that I bought at least ten years ago. My mother told me not to buy it because it was too impractical, but you can make it work! A white purse looks so crisp and chic, no matter what time of year. I will never not own a white purse. (Best fit: ToteSavvy mini)





Straw Tote, Old Navy ($29.94)

Although a straw tote is very much a seasonal handbag, I couldn’t resist adding it to this list.  How cute is this bag? I love how straw totes are slouchy and not as structured, and this will look perfect with a madras shirt, a pair of denim cutoffs, and some flip flops. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)

I hope you found some inspiration from this list. I was practically drooling over the expandable tote from Target. I think that’s my next purchase. What’s yours?

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