#BossMom Spotlight: Betsy Fore of Tiny Organics

#BossMom Spotlight: Betsy Fore of Tiny Organics

In 2018, Betsy Fore, alongside co-founder Sofia Laurell launched Tiny Organics, a nutrient-rich, organic baby food company designed to build adventurous eaters from a young age. Inspired by her son Sebastian, Betsy has set out to build the most sustainable, whole and diverse food program for toddlers on the market. We chatted about everything from picky eaters and kale to balance and organization. 

We love the innovative flavors you incorporate into your recipes. How do you come up with the ideas for your meals?

We collaborate with the Food and Nutrition Innovation Council at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and are informed from their nutritional scientists around what and when to introduce a variety of foods to baby. We also partner with our Neonatal Nutritionist to ensure we are developing the recipes based on baby’s milestones. Our chef Maria has so much fun incorporating our “First 100 Flavors” approach by introducing children to foods from around the world with our recipes. My son’s personal favorites are Coconut Curry, Valencian Paella and The Perks of Being a Cauliflower. 

Can babies actually like kale?! 

Yes, our customers are obsessed with one of our best sellers “Kale & Quinoa Bowl” and we adults love eating it too! 

What is your advice for parents with picky eaters? Is there anything that can be done?

We love picky eaters and have been able to introduce our 100 flavors successfully by offering them multiple times. Babies and toddlers will not necessarily have a love at first taste with any new foods, so it is important to keep introducing and keep trying, sometimes up to 10 times or more until your child is accustomed to the flavor profile and can actually begin to prefer it. 

What are some of your favorite kitchen staples you think parents of young children should have on-hand at all times? 

We are building out Tiny heirloom products and I personally love our classic silver “Tiny” spoon. My mom still has my silver spoon from when I was a baby, and it’s so special to cherish these first momentos. I’ve recently become obsessed with different drying racks as it seems like as a new mom, you are constantly washing bottles, this one is so good. When I’m looking to unwind, I love to enjoy Otherland candles - they are such a welcome relief from a long day of trying to juggle it all. As soon as I put Sebi down for bed, I light one up. And they are especially nice paired with a french red wine! 

As a mother, wife and co-founder, what does "balance" mean for you?

Being present, if I’m with my team at Tiny, I am throwing myself into my work and am totally engaged. If I’m with Sebi, I’m not focussing on anything else but reading to him, cuddling him, listening to him and making lots and lots of eye contact. My partner and I are trying to get better at balancing date nights or any time alone, but we have begun planning couples trips for 2020, and those are great to look forward to! 

Staying organized is the name of our game. We'd love to know how you stay organized on a daily basis.

As it seems I’m always on the go, I currently cannot leave the house without my ToteSavvy, it organizes Sebi’s little life so well and the changing mat is a lifesaver for all my airport changes. For my personal life, I love to tap into my Calm app daily and set aside just 10 minutes before my commute to work every morning. I’m also training for a marathon right now and have been surprised at how organized I’ve managed to be just using Apple notes to track my miles! I recently downloaded Streaks, the app that helps you form good habits with a to do list, and I’m really excited as I’ve heard such great things! 

Interested in raising an adventurous eater? Check out Tiny Organics online and on instagram to learn more!

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