#BossMom Spotlight: Jacqueline Linder of LunchBots

#BossMom Spotlight: Jacqueline Linder of LunchBots

Keeping your family healthy while on the go is no easy task, but Jacqueline Linder created a solution. LunchBots is a line of eco-friendly food containers designed to reduce the use of plastic and inspire people to pack healthier meals. 2019 marks LunchBots' 10 year anniversary, so we chatted with Jacqueline about business, motherhood and how she stays organized.

Since you started LunchBots 10 years ago (congrats!), have you seen a shift in the way people look at food? If so, why do you think this is?

Yes, absolutely. As parents shift their eating habits, those habits and preferences filter down to their kids. There is a huge focus right now on protein-filled school lunches and foods with minimal amounts of sugar. Parents today are packing a variety of foods in all colors of the rainbow and balanced lunches that contain all food groups. We see a lot of colorful meals, snacks, and finger-style foods in the photos that our customers share.


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Based on your line of work, you must get tons of healthy snack ideas! Do you have any "snack hacks" for busy parents?

The LunchBots Instagram account is full of customer photos; we love seeing how parents use their LunchBots to display snacks and meals for their kids. Social media has allowed us to be in-the-know on what’s easy and healthy for busy parents to make.

We love combos that are simple to pack, nourishing, and enjoyed by kids. A variety of dips and dippers is ideal (hummus with carrot sticks and wheat crackers, peanut butter with apple slices and pretzel sticks, guacamole with dried pineapple and tortilla chips) or a protein-packed Greek yogurt with toppings like granola and fresh fruit.

What has been the most valuable piece of knowledge you've gained over the years as a business owner?

Every year brings new lessons! When I started LunchBots, I had no experience designing, manufacturing, or selling consumer products and I was able to figure it out using a concept I call the next step. Instead of getting overwhelmed with things I don’t know, I just figure out a next step. It doesn’t have to even be the right next step - any next step works because that step always leads to the next one, and so on. I use this methodology for all our new projects. I’m currently writing a book on packing school lunches that will be released this summer and have been learning the book creation process one step at a time.


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On any given day, what can we find in your ToteSavvy? How does it help you in your everyday life?

My Longchamp tote was a complete mess before I discovered ToteSavvy! You’ll find my business cards, LunchBots catalog, laptop, work lunch, and water bottle. I feel organized when I have a place for everything, and that’s the beauty of my ToteSavvy. I was ready to give up my tote for another work bag with lots of pockets and sections, but now I don’t have to make that change.

As a business owner and mother, how do you keep everything organized? What are your go-to strategies?

I do my best to simplify everything. With lots to juggle and very high standards, I learned that my life can get complicated quickly. My nature is to try to optimize too many variables at once. I’ve taught myself to simplify my home life and business by putting my energy into what is most important, which also saves me endless amounts of time!

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