The 10 Essentials for Your Diaper Bag

The 10 Essentials for Your Diaper Bag
Every must-have you never want to leave home without. 

Perfecting your diaper bag packing list is an ongoing game of trial and error, and one that every mother is constantly scrutinizing. And not only is the reason that the list is long--like, crazy long--but more so that, as your baby grows, that list starts to evolve. And evolve. And evolve a little more, until you reach a point where things become vaguely familiar and a little bit comfortable. In a surprise to probably no one, it then evolves again. Between picky eaters, tantrum soothers, loveys they can’t live without, and every essential in between, we jam-packed our top must-haves into this top 10 list of diaper bag musts. Read it all here: 


must have items for your diaper bag


1. Nose Frida

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. This bad boy will save the day better than any nasal aspirator we’ve tried. And when your sick little babe can’t find any other form of relief, we’ll bet you’ll try anything you can to fix it too. (Hint: we never leave home without this one.) 

2. The Medibuddy First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how hard they can be to fit into a diaper bag--until now. The Medibuddy First-Aid Kit packs everything you need into one easy, grab-and-go case that fits into even the tiniest of spaces--but that fits particularly well into a ToteSavvy pocket. 

3. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray 

When you become a new mom, you discover pretty quickly that hand sanitizer is crucial to keeping your hands clean. And in spray form, Dr. Bronner’s made it easy (plus, the calming lavender scent makes every chaotic moment seem just a little bit easier to handle). 

4. Organic Applesauce Pouches 

Fruit pouches have fast become a mother’s best friend. And let it be known that applesauce in a pouch is absolutely no exception--especially these tasty and easy to grab-and-go options from Prince and Spring. 

5. Muslin Swaddles

A lightweight muslin swaddle is the greatest asset to any brand-new mom. Easy to roll up and stash into any bag, they serve as the perfect feeding time cover-up, lightweight blanket or swaddle for any chill, and a burp cloth or rag for any messes (and these ones get bonus points for getting softer with every wash).  

6. Rags Onesie

Ready to roll--literally--the Rags Henley Romper is an easy option for smartly bundling into your ToteSavvy (and available in sizes 3-6 months all the way up to 5-6 years).  

7. Soft Hat 

When the sun’s out, and shade is hard to find, a simple, soft, foldable hat that easily tucks away--but is just as easy to grab--is one essential we always like to have on our bag. 

8. Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby + Babylist just did the collaboration of our dreams: a lightweight, easy to fold up and go baby wrap that’s made from soft, sustainable fabric--and it’s never not in our bags.

9. Energy Super Bar

In a world of many a sleepless night and days jam-packed with the tireless game that is motherhood, we’ll take the energy where we can get it. This Sakara Life energy bar just happens to be plant-based and particularly delicious (which we like to call a win, win). 

10. Cutie Pat Flat Pacifier 

Gaining mass recognition rather quickly, this pacifier was made for babies with and without teeth, meaning that it grows with them from infancy to toddler life. Plus, you won’t lose it because it fits into your ToteSavvy pockets like a charm. 

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