Diaper Bag Essentials with ToteSavvy

Diaper Bag Essentials with ToteSavvy
We've been sharing our diaper bag essentials a lot on Instagramso we wanted to share all of our favorite essentials here on the blog, too!

Over the past few years, we have been obsessed with using the Marc Jacobs Tote as a diaper bag. It's so easy to clean, and it perfectly fits both the ToteSavvy Original and the ToteSavvy Deluxe. It's our most popular and most requested bag and organizer combo.

Recently, we've been using the ToteSavvy Deluxe in Toffee. It's a gorgeous, neutral brown, and looks amazing in canvas totes.

Organized in our ToteSavvy Deluxe, of course you need diapers and wipes. We love Abby & Finn, and we sell them here on our site! We love putting the wipes in a refillable wipes container. It's so easy to grab out of your bag while out and about, and it keeps wipes moist and fresh!

Another diaper changing essential is the Ella Ola Diaper Rash Cream. You never know when a diaper rash is going to appear on your sweet babe, so it's best to be prepared.

Have you ever been out and your little one has an accident or inevitably spits up all over an outfit, but then you have no where to put that outfit?! Wet bags are life-changing! Keep a wet bag rolled up, and you have it when you need it so that way you can keep any wet or soiled outfits away from other essentials. When you get home, toss in the clothes, burp cloths, and wet bag in the wash, and it's ready for your next adventure. Be sure to toss in an extra outfit, too!

Burp cloths are another must-have. Muslin burp cloths are so absorbent and there are so many pretty, coordinating colors to choose from. We love this neutral paci case and it's easy to keep clean with a simple wipe.

The last essential for baby is a bottle, and you can keep it cool in the zippered cooler pocket! Add an ice pack to keep it at temperature a little longer.
A few essentials for you--we love, love hand sanitizer spray and hand sanitizing wipes. A hair tie is always a good idea when you're out with your little ones, and lotion, and gum are must-haves for us.

You can shop all of our essentials below:
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