Gifting Made Easy

Gifting Made Easy

Introducing our ready-to-go gift sets for all the moms on your gift list. 

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The truth about the gifting: it’s not always the easiest thing on our to-do lists. And speaking for ourselves here (but we know it’s true for you, too), those to-do lists are crazy long as it is. Which is the precise reasoning behind our latest and greatest: gift sets. In other words, gifting made simple. We figured, hey, a one-stop-shop for gifts that simplifies even one thing? That’s something. So get ready to check off a few boxes, because up ahead, we’re dropping the must-have gift sets of the season, and you’re not going to want to miss your chance to shop. 

Newborn Gift Set

newborn gift set

What’s inside: 

• Sophie La Girafe

• Organic cotton footie by Petit Lem

• Diapers and wet wipes from Parasol Co.

• ToteSavvy Original (Soft Grey or Almond)

We’re releasing our gift sets around the holidays. That’s for good reason--they’re the perfect gifts to give anyone on your list that’s expecting around the new year. But whether for the holidays or any upcoming shower, birth or birthday, The Newborn Gift Set features a bundle of essentials so carefully considered, your friends, sisters, and co-workers (another list that goes on and on) will be endlessly grateful to you for being so thoughtful. Everything from teething toys to diapers and more are all tucked within the ToteSavvy Original, the perfect complement to every new mom’s diaper bag--and stuffed with the must-haves she’ll be reaching for time and time again. 

Toddler Gift Set

toddler gift set

What’s inside: 

• Stainless steel bento box by Lunchbots (small protein packer)

• Tegu magnetic blocks (travel size kit)

• antibacterial wet wipes by Me4Kidz

• first aid kit (medi buddy) by Me4Kidz

• ToteSavvy Mini (soft grey or black)

We designed the Toddler Gift Set around all the essentials for the new-but-not-new, new moms in your pack. An ideal set-up for the mother that uses a backpack, the ToteSavvy Mini works seamlessly into a busy toddler mom’s life, and comes stuffed to the brim with a mom-tested and approved Lunchbots lunch box. Plus, you’ll also find a travel set of Tegu’s insanely smart magnetic blocks, right alongside Antibacterial Wet Wipes and a first aid kit. Featuring all the things they need but may not have thought of on their own, this is another carefully curated gift bundle that mom can add to as she goes. 

As is always the case, our brand ethos is built on the foundation of simplicity. That means simplifying your daily routine, your life on-the-go, and the forever-long to-do lists too. So for this season and beyond, let us support your gifting needs, too. 

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