Handbag Feature: GiGi New York Mini Taylor Tote

Handbag Feature: GiGi New York Mini Taylor Tote

It's no secret GiGi New York is one of our favorite handbag brands. Their leather is luxurious, craftsmanship is superb, and design is on-point with current trends. You honestly couldn't ask for more from a classic go-to handbag. 

With the launch of our new ToteSavvy Mini, we decided to pick our favorite GiGi New York tote to pair with the smaller sized insert. The Mini Taylor tote was the clear winner, and our hands-down favorite to pair with our Mini. 

Of the many reasons to love the Mini Taylor tote, our number one reason has to be the size. It's the perfect small / medium size tote bag. Not too big, not too small. It's the handbag equivalent of Goldilocks. 😉 Additionally, ToteSavvy Mini drops inside as easy as can be. There is still some room around the organizer, offering space for a wallet, or other adult items you'd prefer to keep separated from your burp cloths. 

Our photo diary below showcases how ToteSavvy Mini and the Mini Taylor tote can be paired together to create the perfect stylish and lightweight diaper bag for a mom of 2. 😀


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