How Our 3 Styles Compare

How Our 3 Styles Compare

Whether you're new to ToteSavvy or have known us since the beginning, you may not know the intricate differences between our 3 styles: Deluxe, Original, and Mini. While they share some similarities, each style was designed for a specific reason and to fill a distinct need. Keep reading to learn more about each style's distinct features. 


We have to begin with the ToteSavvy that started it all. Original was built out of necessity when our founder, Lauren, was a first-time mom with a newborn. She developed ToteSavvy Original as an insert that would organize all of her baby's essentials and easily transfer from tote to tote. 

Original has 11 total pockets. There's an insulated pocket for storing bottles or a cold beverage. The insulated pocket is open at the top like the other pockets found inside ToteSavvy. There are 4 additional tall pockets, 4 short pockets, a flat pocket (perfect for a notebook, tablet, or paperwork), a large exterior pocket with a flap that secures over the top. 

Original is best suited for large or oversized totes. Its dimensions are 14"L x 10"H. The depth depends on what you pack! 



all 3 styles compared



Deluxe was developed to offer handbag organization to not just moms, but all women. Deluxe is the exact same size as Original (14"L x 10"H). It's commonly misunderstood that Original is the "medium" size when in fact Deluxe and Original have the exact same dimensions

Instead of the flat pocket on Original, Deluxe has a plush-lined laptop pocket with a magnetic flap in its place. Another difference is Deluxe has a double-wide insulated pocket that zips closed. This cooler pocket is great for storing multiple bottles, a lunch, or 4 cans of your favorite cold beverage. 

Deluxe is also best suited for large totes and oversized bags. Check out our list of ToteSavvy compatible handbags for recommendations



deluxe and original compared

deluxe and original compared


ToteSavvy Mini was designed as a compact style for medium size bags and backpacks. It's the smallest insert we could make while still holding a lot of essentials. It also makes a great changing kit that you can quickly pull out of your bag and take into a bathroom. 

Mini includes an insulated pocket (just like Original), 2 other tall pockets, 2 short pockets, and one flat pocket in the middle. This pocket is great for anything without a lot of depth. Think your phone, a notepad, small coloring book, or even a thin wallet. 

Mini is best suited for backpacks and medium size bags. If you prefer to have some room around your organizer then it can be paired with a large tote. 



Mini and original compared


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