How Our CEO Packs Her ToteSavvy for Disneyland

How Our CEO Packs Her ToteSavvy for Disneyland

This past week our family of 5 spent 3 magical days at Disneyland. The last time we visited the park I was pregnant with the twins. We only had one toddler to chase around, making the trip much different than the most recent one! 

The trip ended up being a huge success. Our preschooler, who is obsessed with the princesses, got to meet her idols and secure their autographs. Our twins were elated to meet Mickey and Minnie and explore the wonders of both Disneyland and California Adventure. 

Leading up to our trip, I strategized how we would approach having two additional kids to chase around. I knew we'd need a plan for diaper changes, snacking, hydration, and potential accidents, so in order to keep from taking the entire nursery with us, I planned to divide and conquer. 

Our "diaper bag stuff" was split between two areas: under the stroller and inside my ToteSavvy Mini. Here's what I packed and why. 




Our Deluxe Changing Kit was incredibly useful! While ToteSavvy has a changing mat included, I love the convenience of the Deluxe Changing Kit because the changing mat just rolls out quickly and offers immediate access to wipes (without taking them out of a pocket). This is 100% why we created the Deluxe Changing Kit, and it proved to be a valuable asset during this trip. 


Los Angeles is notorious for having weird fall weather. It's cool in the morning and evening but can get up to 80˚ during the day. Knowing this, I dressed the kids in lightweight clothing, then packed a sweatshirt and blanket for each child. The blankets were folded nicely under the stroller (as were their sweatshirts) and came in handy when the twins wanted to take a nap mid-day. 

We ended up draping the third blanket over the stroller to give them shade. This worked great! If you know one or more of your kids will nap at the park, definitely pack an extra blanket (breathable) to drape over the stroller. 



We always have a Mommy Hook on our double stroller, allowing us to carry bags or hook my backpack when needed. Such a great product! 

Additionally, our stroller has an organized attached to it (we love this one by Baby Jogger) for holding water bottles and extra items. The middle compartment, which has a magnetic flap, was the perfect place to store our autograph books and pens. 




In an effort to pack light and not carry a huge bag around with me, I opted for a ToteSavvy Mini and my Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack. LOVE this combo! 

Inside my ToteSavvy Mini, I stored the following essentials:

  • antibacterial wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • diaper bag buddy (includes first aid necessities)
  • high-protein snack bars
  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • extra diapers
  • room keycard
  • Disneyland passes
  • misc. trinkets

This is the lightest I have ever packed for an all-day outing with my family and I can say it was more than enough. We used the hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes often, dipped into the band-aids a few times (to keep my shoes from rubbing), and ate all the snacks while waiting in lines.

I had enough room around the ToteSavvy that I could have added more. This came in handy when I needed to throw any extra water bottle in my bag, or carry some special trinkets we picked up. 


disneyland and ToteSavvy


Disneyland packing list


backpack organizer


backpack organizer for disneyland


CEO of Life in Play at Disneyland


There you have it! An efficient and necessities-only diaper bag for our Disneyland trip. Every item is neatly organized with ToteSavvy Mini, allowing us to enjoy our day and not stress about finding what we need. 🙌






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