How to Build Your Baby Registry

How to Build Your Baby Registry

Putting together a baby registry can be one of the most overwhelming “to-do’s” of your pregnancy!  We tapped registry-expert Molly Pross of Bump Bestie to get her top tips for building a registry that works for you!

While it’s an exciting milestone to begin researching and compiling what you need when you're expecting, there are so many different options that it can feel like a part-time job compiling the list. Do you go for aesthetics? Function? Or just go with what your friend’s sister’s co-worker recommends? There is no one-size-fits all approach to baby gear and products and it’s hard to know where to begin. Below are some tips to get you started:

1. Start Early!

Over the course of your registry or list building, you’ll add anywhere between 80 and 200 items. That requires MANY HOURS of research to find what you need. Most families start their research once they know the gender – and if it’s a surprise, I recommend starting at 12 weeks or the very latest, 16 weeks. In a perfect world, you’ll have everything you need for the nursery completed by 36 weeks (32 weeks if you're expected twins). This way everything will be ready in case baby decides to make an early arrival. 

2. Pick a place (or two!) to register

Most people register with a universal registry online, but you may consider registering at a local baby boutique as well! Shopping for baby is something people love to do, so having some items available in-store allows people to see, touch and feel – not to mention it's a fun experience!  This is also a great way to support local business in your community!

3. Tackle your big items first

Car seats, strollers and carriers, oh my! There are so many factors to consider when making your big purchase decisions, you’ll be glad you started your research early with time to test drive in-store. This also applies to big nursery items, especially if you plan to order things in custom fabrics or colors – glider, dressers, crib, etc. which could have longer production lead times.

4. Create a ‘Private’ category

It’s so much easier to have everything you need in one place, regardless of if you add it to your registry. Most online registries allow you to create a private category. Create a private list to save items that you may want to purchase on your own or that you don’t need right away.

5. Register for some gender neutral items

You never know what the future may hold! Ahem number 2? Number 3?  Best to have a few things that can be passed on to siblings.

6. One person’s ‘don’t bother’ is another person’s ‘must have’

Every baby and family is different. What works for your best friend's baby, might not work for yours. Do your own research and regardless of what others say, do what's best for your family. If you want the wipe warmer - add it! Do what makes YOU happy!

7. Don’t forget about mom or dad

I was so consumed with what I needed for baby that I completely forgot about what we would need to support us in this huge transition! It’s completely appropriate to include items or gift cards for recovery, meals and other services.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist for a complete list of must-haves as you build your list!  Could use some extra help? Book a complimentary 20-minute consultation here!

About Molly

Molly is the founder of Bump Bestie, a modern baby planning service for the busy parent. Offering families trusted advice in navigating the overwhelming world of all things baby, Molly is on a mission to redefine baby prep by taking a holistic approach combining baby registry curation, education and integrative wellness resources saving time and money while providing peace of mind. Residing in Los Angeles, Molly splits her time chasing her toddler son around while working with clients both locally and virtually, nationwide.

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