How to Clean Your ToteSavvy


You asked, we answered! Many of you have asked the best way to clean your ToteSavvy, so instead of just writing a blog post about it, we decided to film a video and show you. 

ToteSavvy is easy to clean even though it's not machine washable (but our changing mat is!). Watch our short video for our tips and tricks to keeping your ToteSavvy spotless. 





  • Use a damp cloth to spot clean your ToteSavvy. Be sure to fully wring the cloth so it's not too wet. 
  • A disinfectant wipe can be used for stuck-on food or spills. 
  • For tough stains, opt for a magic eraser sponge. Keep the sponge damp but not too wet when spot cleaning. Pat your ToteSavvy dry between scrubbing. 
  • The detachable changing mat is machine washable. Wash on the regular cycle (medium heat) and air dry. 



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