How to Hack Your ToteSavvy Like a Pro

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Think diapers, wet wipes, creams, etc. All items you know you’ll need no matter what. Consider how long you’ll be out and about––and the likelihood of multiple diaper changes––before determining how many diapers you'll need for this outing.  

If you’re packing more than 3 diapers, I suggest using one whole pocket for diapers, and another pocket for wet wipes. If you’re packing 1-3 diapers, they can share a pocket with a travel size wet wipes package.


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Diaper cream can be placed inside one of ToteSavvy’s small pockets. Along with your cream, you can store hand sanitizer––you’ll use it right after a diaper change––making them easy to grab together. The remaining small pocket is perfect for storing bibs or a toy.

I like to keep my “basic” items stocked inside my ToteSavvy at all times. I replenish the diapers upon arriving home to ensure I don’t accidentally leave home without them. The basics are the base of my packing list, then I build around them depending on where I’m going.


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As I add items to my ToteSavvy I consider where we’re headed and the time of day we’ll be away. Depending on the variables on any given day, I’ll continue to pack with specific needs in mind.

Clothing: Because clothing can be bulky to pack, I only plan a spare outfit for my kids if we’re headed somewhere they’ll likely get dirty. If you have a newborn or are going through potty training I recommend carrying a spare outfit at all times. 

When packing clothing, use the roll technique to help them fit inside the pockets. The outside Velcro pocket can also be used for folded outfits.


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Snacks: In the past, I would ALWAYS carry snacks with me. My kids learned this quickly and would dig through my purse, eating non-stop until they had gone through them all. Now I only pack snacks if we’ll be out for a few hours or I need to use them as a distraction tool.

Snack towers are a great option when packing snacks. Due to their vertical shape, they fit nicely inside ToteSavvy's pockets and are super easy to transport. A few brands I love and use on a weekly basis are:


Replay Recycled (pictured below)



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Water: Hydration is very important to me which means I never leave the house without a sippy cup or water bottle for my kids. Sometimes I’ll pack one adult size Swell bottle for us all to share when trying to save room. Otherwise, I like to pack one bottle per child. I’ve tested a lot of sippy cups––searching for the slimmest, most purse friendly options––and have settled on a short list of favorites. I’m able to pack two of these within the same ToteSavvy pocket (x-large pocket across from the two small pockets).

Replay Recycled


The First Years



Don’t forget about yourself! I know it’s almost too easy to do so as a mom… but remember to pack the little things that help make your day easier as well.

I love carrying chapstick, lipstick, mints, sunglasses, notebook, and a pen. Most of these small items are stored inside one of ToteSavvy’s small pockets. The notebook and pen fit nicely inside the flat pocket.

My cell phone, keys, and wallet are all placed in their designated spots like the cell phone pocket and key clasp. If you have a large wallet, the Velcro pocket is a great place to store it.


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Cloth diapers can be a lot bulkier than disposable options which means you may not be able to pack as many inside inner tall ToteSavvy’s pockets. If this is the case, consider using the outside Velcro pocket for diaper storage. It’s the largest pocket inside ToteSavvy and can hold up to 4 all-in-one cloth diapers.


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