How to Pack Your ToteSavvy Like a Pro

How to Pack Your ToteSavvy Like a Pro

ToteSavvy was built to make your life easier and lot more organized. Follow our tips below to get on top of your packing game and make your ToteSavvy more beneficial than ever.  

Pack bulkier items across from thinner items

One of the best ways to pack your ToteSavvy is with the zig zag method. You'll want to spread out the bulkier items in a zig zag pattern so they aren't in pockets directly across from one another. This helps to keep your ToteSavvy looking less bulky and feel much more balanced. 

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Use the cell phone pocket and key clasp

The top outer pocket that's short and flat was designed to be the perfect little pocket for your cell phone. It's at the top of the insert so you can quickly grab your phone without digging through your bag. It's always right there when you need it!

Same goes for the key clasp. Get in the habit of clipping your keys to the clasp to save yourself from digging around at the bottom of your bag. 

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Roll clothing and blankets to fit in pocket perfectly

Clothing and blankets can be difficult to pack inside ToteSavvy if you don't know this little secret. Instead of packing a folded blanket or outfit, roll it so it's a perfectly shaped bundle to fit inside any pocket. 

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Avoid overpacking

You may want to fill every pocket to the max but try to edit down what you're packing to the true essentials. You can easily refill things like diapers after each outing so instead of packing 10, opt for 3 or 4 and then just replenish as needed. The same goes for wet wipes. You may not need the giant warehouse size package of wipes when a small or medium size pack will be plenty for your all-day outing. 


Designate a pocket for only your things

The outer pocket (largest on both Original and Deluxe) is a great pocket to designate as your own if you're packing for more than just yourself. This pocket is large enough to even carry a small clutch which could be easily taken out for a quick run into the grocery store. 

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Keep the rolled mat even if you don't have a baby

Whether you're changing diapers or not, the rolled mat is a great add-on. If you don't need it to function as a traditional diaper changing mat it still comes in very handy when you need something to throw down quickly. For instance, use it as a placemat for your toddler to eat their lunch on at the park, or as a mat to sit on if the grass is a little wet. The rolled mat is fully machine washable so don't worry about it getting dirty.  

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