How to Pack for Summer

How to Pack for Summer

packing totesavvy for summer

As the weather warms, I always find myself taking my kids on little adventures to the park, pool, or somewhere else outdoors to burn some energy and soak in the sun. A lot of these trips are spur-of-the-moment, making it crucial that I have a well-packed bag for wherever we’re heading.

Below you’ll find my list of essentials to keep inside your ToteSavvy so you’re ready for anything. You can easily adapt the list depending on the age of your child and swap pull-ups for diapers or leave them out altogether.


• Water bottle / canned beverage (for yourself)

• Sippy cup / bottle

• Protein bars / crackers / misc. snacks

• Sunscreen lotion (love Think Baby!)

Sunscreen face stick 

• Hat

• Change of clothing (including underwear if your child is potty trained)

• Wet bag

• Wet wipes

• Diapers / Pull-ups

• Hand sanitizer

• Hand / body lotion

• Lip balm with SPF 

• First aid kit (small size)

• Makeup


packing totesavvy for summer


Alright, let’s break this list down. The sippy cup, water and/or other beverage are pretty crucial as it starts to get hot. My kids are always thirsty so I like packing them a big water bottle. Same goes for me. I like having water on-hand and sparkling water (La Croix!) as a refreshing treat. There’s room for a canned drink inside the insulated pocket or the cooler pocket (ToteSavvy Deluxe only). If you’re using Deluxe you can also fit a medium size Lunchbots bento alongside the sparkling water. I pack my Lunchbots full of trail mix, fruit, and even a cut sandwich to keep my little ones full.

Sunscreen is always in my bag and I like to carry lotion and a face stick. My go-to brands for sunscreen are Think Baby and Bare Republic. I only trust brands that use Zinc as their main ingredient for blocking UVA and UVB rays. A hat is another great item to have packed, especially ones made from fabric and lay flat. 

A change of clothing is a big necessity for Spring and Summer. You never know when you’ll find a fun fountain to play in or get caught in the sprinklers. Luckily summer clothing is very light and thin so I can pack 3 outfits inside one pocket without an issue. PRO TIP: Choose something all-in-one like a romper or dress. My favorite romper to pack in my bag is by Rags. A lot of the styles are unisex and the size range is great. All 3 of my kids can wear these rompers and look super cool. I also pack a wet bag to contain wet/dirty clothing. I love the Portfolio bag by Logan and Lenora.

The rest of my list if pretty basic. If your child is in diapers or Pull-ups be sure to pack those along with wet wipes. I carry wet wipes even though my kids are done with diapers because I use them to clean dirty hands and everything else. Me4Kidz makes a great first aid kit that fits nicely inside ToteSavvy or any bag. I’ve also made my own kit using a small pouch and filling it with bandaids, ointment, and medical wipes.

That’s the list! It may seem like a lot but once it’s all packed up inside ToteSavvy it’s actually not overwhelming. Check out our list of ToteSavvy-approved handbags to find your perfect tote for summer! 


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