How to Pack Your ToteSavvy Like a Pro

How to Pack Your ToteSavvy Like a Pro

Alright mamas, here it is! This is the ultimate ToteSavvy packing list with tips to pack it like a pro. The key to packing like a pro is to pack smart, but not over do it. With a few multi-use products and space-savers, your diaper bag should cover the essentials along with a couple "just in case" items. 

Let's start with who we're packing for. This post is representing the essentials you'll need for an infant (0-12 months) and toddler (18 months - 3 years). Let's assume both are in diapers to make it most realistic! 

When I pack my ToteSavvy, I like to go heavy on the snacks. My kids have always been driven by food, so being away from home without a snack when hunger hits leads to a HUGE meltdown. I always pack extras to be safe. 



Now let's get into the packing details. I love to use the two inner small pockets for smaller items like a pacifier (or 2!), compact sippy cup, bottle, or creams. When my babies were in the paci stage, the top small pocket was ALWAYS our paci pocket. This allowed both my husband and I to locate the paci in a split second. (PRO TIP: Add a paci clip and tether. It can also be used to keep toys from hitting the floor)

When packing for more than one child, I like to choose a compact sippy cup for my oldest. At home we have larger options with fun straws and such, but when on-the-go this 4oz Avent sippy is the perfect size to slip right into the bottom small pocket. 

Diapers, wet wipes and cream are all must-haves! I tend to pack 2-3 diapers for infants and 1-2 diapers for toddlers. This tends to work for outings no longer than 2-3 hours. 


diaper bag organizer


On the reverse side, I have snacks and a bottle. Only one bottle is shown here but two could be stacked if needed. Again, if I plan to need more than one bottle, I'll choose a shorter bottle that can be stacked two high in the ToteSavvy pocket. 

To the far left (inside our insulated pocket) is my personal favorite snack stacker by Innobaby. It's super easy to use for both formula or snacks and fits perfectly inside the insulated pocket. In the layout image above you may have noticed the bottom two compartments were empty. These two compartments were meant to represent where the formula powder would go (we didn't want to waste formula for this shoot!). Simply pre-fill your bottle with water, then add the powder when needed.

In the for right pocket I have toddler and mama snacks. Well, a bar for mama until my toddler sees it. Then it's as good as his.  


diaper bag organizer


Moving to the outer pockets, I love using the x-large Velcro pocket for a spare change of clothing and small toys. Rather than rolling the outfit and slipping into an inside pocket, I like to fold the outfit flat and store with a few toys. 

Crayons fit perfectly inside the little top pocket. I like to have them on-hand, along with a notebook for toddler entertainment when needed. It's amazing what crayons and stickers will do to entertain them! 

Inside the bottom small pocket is a genius little kit called the diaper bag buddy. This compact kit includes: latex-free bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial wipes, disposal diaper sacks, and a thermometer. While many of these items won't be used on a daily basis, you'll be very glad you have them when needed!


totesavvy organizer


Finally, slip a notebook, digital tablet, or coloring book inside the flat pocket. I always have a notebook in my ToteSavvy. I'm pretty old school and LOVE to make hand written lists. The satisfaction of crossing action items off my list feels amazing. Plus, the notebook doubles as entertainment for my toddlers. 


totesavvy insert



diaper bag insert


diaper bag insert 

If you ever have a question about the best way to utilize ToteSavvy, or have specific questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out! We would love to hear from you :) 

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