How to Stay Organized Without a Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are SO last year (said in my best Cher Horowitz voice). The fact that hundreds of variations exist, yet nobody can find one they love as much as their pre-baby handbags, is confusing and troubling. As a first-time mom, I personally took on this problem desperate to find an answer. The answer wasn't yet another diaper bag style (no matter how "fashionable" it claimed to be). The answer was to transform the functionality of every handbag I already owned and loved. The answer was ToteSavvy. 

ToteSavvy was conceived as a tote organizer designed for parents but quickly became much more than that. ToteSavvy represents the freedom of choice during a time in your life when so much is chosen for you. Parents live by their child's schedule, dress accordingly for inevitable spills, and even give up their preferred car. 

With ToteSavvy, parents don't have to swap their beloved tote or backpack for a short-lived diaper bag. It may seem like a small win, but when every ounce of your personal style has been reduced to a clean t-shirt, confidently carrying your favorite tote on your shoulder is a huge victory. 

With options to fit inside almost any backpack, tote or handbag, ToteSavvy literally completes the tough task of turning any bag into a diaper bag. Let me show you exactly what I mean through two "non-diaper bag" options. 



ToteSavvy original paired with an oversize tote


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


ToteSavvy (original size) is the uber organizer– equipped to carry every baby essential one could possibly need. This insert effortlessly organizes my tote on a daily basis and even kept me calm and collected (well, the inside of my handbag anyway) during a 5-hour flight with 3 kids under 3. 

ToteSavvy pairs best with an oversize tote with a large capacity. The perfect fit allows you to neatly organize every baby essential inside ToteSavvy– keeping each within arm's reach and easily accessible. 

True to form, ToteSavvy includes a variety of unique features which make your life easier:

  • The key clasp keeps your keys from falling to the bottom of your bag (AKA "the black hole").
  • A compact changing mat is included for quick and easy diaper changes. 
  • The insulated pocket keeps liquids at the correct temperature. 
  • A flat pocket, found on the outside of ToteSavvy, keeps paperwork flat and free of goldfish cracker crumbs. 
  • The cell phone pocket, located near the top of ToteSavvy, keeps your phone within reach and quickly accessible. 
  • The remaining 8 pockets (varying in size) organize just about every other essential needed for baby.


While it sounds cliché, ToteSavvy legitimately is the best of both worlds. You gain the organization you seek from a diaper bag while continuing to use your favorite handbag. 


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


diaper bag organizer totesavvy




//  LESS IS MORE  //

ToteSavvy Mini inside a small tote or backpack


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


While carrying "everything but the kitchen sink" is perfect for some parents, others prefer to leave the bulky items at home and pack lightly. ToteSavvy Mini is the best option for efficiency and compact utility.

Identifiable by its name, ToteSavvy Mini is a smaller version of the popular ToteSavvy insert. The mini version boasts 6 total pockets, a changing mat, an insulated pocket, and a key clasp. It's small enough to fit nicely inside medium size totes and satchels, while also a great fit for a backpack. Experienced parents everywhere will affirm going hands-free with a speedy toddler is the only way to go. Backpacks will become your new best friend! 

ToteSavvy Mini has quickly become the go-to for parents with toddlers, preschoolers, or simply those who don't like to carry quite as much around with them. The mini insert holds just enough to keep your little one, clean, dry and well fed– without too much excess. It's pockets are the same as those found in the original size ToteSavvy–offering expert function on a smaller scale. 

 diaper bag organizer totesavvy


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


diaper bag organizer totesavvy


With ToteSavvy or ToteSavvy Mini in tow, parents can reclaim their style freedom. Almost any handbag or backpack can be transformed into a diaper bag using ToteSavvy, which means your options are truly endless.

Who would have thought a simple insert with strategically placed pockets would redefine what it means to carry a diaper bag? This is precisely what ToteSavvy has done. 



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  • Lillian

    Since my child has turned into a toddler, I amnusing totesavvy mini more than original. I really love the fun colour options of the original. Would you please have some like red, pink, blie etc for mini also?
    I am a very organized person and have other bag organizers prior to giving birth. However, now, even when going out just by myself, I like the mini as my organizer. The fact that it is standing up and use a ‘vertical’ approach instead of thenusual horizontal approach makes a huge difference.

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