How to Take Your ToteSavvy from Baby to Toddler


When your child transitions from being a baby (let's face it, they'll always be your baby!) to a toddler, it's a big deal! A lot of things in your life change - they go down to one nap (or sometimes drop them altogether), they talk non-stop, they are increasingly independent, and they can destroy your house in the time it takes you to simply use the restroom. Another change that you'll be making with your ToteSavvy is packing it full of toddler stuff to keep them happy when you're out and about. Unfortunately, you'll never be able to fully eliminate the possibility of a massive public meltdown, but these tips will help keep the odds in your favor.


What to Ditch:

  • Burp clothes or bibs: By now, your child is not drooling as much (if at all) and isn't spitting up. For any messes, just use some wipes you have on hand! Burp clothes and bibs can be bulky items, so I was happy to free up space.
  • A spare outfit: Now that your child is a little older, they're not blowing out their onesie at any given moment. I keep a spare outfit in the car (for many reasons!), but I no longer carry an outfit with me.

  • Bottle: You likely have another vessel for your child's drinks (see below).
  • Nursing Supplies: Even if you are still nursing, your child probably does not nurse as frequently, and you can ditch your cover, breast pads, and the like.
  • Misc. Baby Accoutrements: Things like rattles, teethers, and pacis/paci clips can also either be put away or kept at home. Yay!




What to Pack:

  • Instead of diapers, you're likely using pull-ups (or something similar). You probably only need to carry one with you. If you like to live on the wild side, don't carry one with you at all (I keep mine in my car unless I will be out for a long time).
  • A travel cup: Whatever vessel you choose, make sure to have some sort of cup with you, or else you risk an unhappy toddler (and disgusting backwash in your own drink). I typically use a Munchkin 360 cup or a FOGO Thermos.

Totesavvy for toddler

  • Snacks: You need a ton of snacks. I don't know what it is, but snacks seem to be a huge part of keeping my daughter happy. Come to think of it, eating makes me happy too, so it makes sense!  Some things I pack are applesauce pouches, small packs of crackers, granola bars, cheese sticks, or half a P.B. & J sandwich (my daughter calls it a Peanut Belly sandwich and I can't get enough of it). I actually will keep snacks in my car in case I forget to pack any or run out. #snackemergency
  • A book: I keep a ton of books in the car, so I will typically take one to a store or restaurant with us. I like the Little Golden Books because their covers are sturdy, but the book is slim, making it fit well inside my ToteSavvy. I love to watch her read to herself! Depending on where I'm going, I may also take some ideas from our Packing Your ToteSavvy for Entertainment post.

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{in current rotation}

  • Wipes and Sanitizer: These two things will stay in your purse for years and years! They're so necessary and versatile. I like the sanitizers that have the silicone case and can loop around a ToteSavvy handle for easy access. As far as wipes go, I typically take a half-used pack from home to keep in my purse. I feel like my daughter's hands are constantly sticky from who-knows-what, so wipes are crucial for us.


Now that your child is a toddler, it will free up some room in your ToteSavvy for your things - hooray! Although its spacious pockets could fit everything before, everything will have a little more breathing room. Another idea is that you could "graduate" to a ToteSavvy Mini! Although smaller in size, I find that it holds everything I need.

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