How I Turned My Luxury Bag into a Diaper Bag: Louis Vuitton Highlight

As I browsed around the first floor of Bloomingdale's, pregnant with my first child, I felt disappointed with the lack of fashionable diaper bag options. I’ve always had a thing for handbags, and to this day, believe your handbag makes your outfit.

Surrounding the lackluster diaper bags was a magnificent selection of gorgeous totes, satchels, crossbodys, and every other bag you could dream of. Each had it’s own unique style––evoking a joyous feeling as I placed one particular style on my shoulder.

Why didn’t I get this same feeling when browsing diaper bags? Simple. Because they were diaper bags.

Then and there I decided I didn’t want to purchase a diaper bag I didn’t love. Why spend so much money on something I dreaded carrying?

Instead, I gleefully walked into the Louis Vuitton store within the department store and asked to see a Neverfull. Now, this bag was awesome!

I left the store without a diaper bag but instead with a bag I had been eyeing years. A bag that made me feel special and beautiful when I put it on my shoulder. This bag would be the perfect bag to keep me feeling myself after baby arrived. It was perfect.

If you own a Neverfull you already know just how great the tote is, but also how unorganized it can become––especially when carrying around essentials for you and your baby. ToteSavvy was created specifically for this reason; to organize the open space inside your tote and make it compatible as a diaper bag.

If this sounds like you and you’d rather carry a handbag you love over a short-lived diaper bag, ToteSavvy is perfect for you! Below are our tips for pairing ToteSavvy with the Neverfull to create the best diaper bag ever. *If you don’t own a Neverfull, any large tote will work similarly!

Neverfull MM

The medium size Neverfull is a great size for a diaper bag. It pairs with both ToteSavvy and ToteSavvy Mini. Below are images of both size inserts for reference.

LV neverfull MM GM as a diaper bagLeft: Neverfull MM paired with ToteSavvy (original size). Right: Neverfull MM paired with ToteSavvy Mini

Let's break down how each size ToteSavvy fits inside the MM Neverfull. The original size ToteSavvy (larger size) takes up the whole inner capacity of the tote. If you like a snug fit and don't want to see any wiggle room around your organizer, this is the perfect combo for you. 

If you prefer to have room around your organizer for extra items, or just aren't a fan of a snug fit, we highly recommend paring ToteSavvy Mini (small size) with your MM Neverfull. As you can see from the image above, there's a decent amount of room around the organizer, allowing your tote to look less full. 


Neverfull GM

We highly recommend using the original size ToteSavvy inside the GM. It’s a near perfect fit and offers a little room around the sides for extra items like a blanket or sweater. Below you’ll see images of both the ToteSavvy and ToteSavvy Mini inside the GM.

neverfull GM diaper bagLeft: Neverfull GM pictured with ToteSavvy Mini. Right: Neverfull GM with ToteSavvy (original size). 

As you can see in the photos above, ToteSavvy is just about a perfect fit for the Neverfull GM. We wouldn't call this a "snug" fit because there's some room around the organizer, offering space for a blanket or sweater. 

The ToteSavvy Mini, however, leaves a lot of room around the organizer. For this reason, we don't typically recommend pairing your GM with ToteSavvy Mini. With that said, some customers may prefer this fit. It comes down to your own personal preference. 


Side by Side: GM vs. MM

Our most popular ToteSavvy is the original size. Below you'll see a side by side comparison of the original size ToteSavvy in both the GM and MM Neverfull totes. This pairing truly does make an awesome diaper bag––one that you'll love for years!

neverfull GM MM diaper bag organizer

neverfull GM MM diaper bag organizer

Neverfull GM MM diaper bag

neverfull LV diaper bag

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