Inside Our New Change Kit

Inside Our New Change Kit

totesavvy change kit

See what’s always in our ToteSavvy Change Kit for every stage and age. 

We didn’t just make a changing kit to make your time on-the-go doable, we made a changing kit to make every step of the way effortless. Packing efficiently is the best way to start any adventure off on the right foot. It’s a way of managing expectations, of ensuring preparedness, and about creating a framework around your agenda. Because when you’re well-prepared, you’re less inclined to sweat the small stuff--even the unexpected, including everything from spit-up to spilt milk. So no matter your family’s age range, we’ve got you covered. See all the ways we pack our changing kit for newborns, infants, and toddlers too. 


newborn changing kit

This stage is when having the essentials close at all times is paramount. And to have the parenting system down, you’ll want to pack properly. That means keeping about 2-3 diapers packed snuggly inside the kit, alongside wet wipes, the diaper cream of your choice, plus a small rolled onesie or a few pacifiers.

Stash your Change Kit inside any bag to use as a full service changing kit (featuring easy access to diapering essentials while wearing it crossbody), or wear on its own as the most compact and minimalist diaper bag you've ever used. 


infant changing kit

diaper changing kit



compact crossbody bag

By the time you reach the toddler stage with your child, you’ve pretty much got a handle on things. And though your Change Kit packing rituals won’t change that much, you still want to be mindful of the must-haves. To that end, we like to pack our kits up with the toddler necessities, like one Pull-Up, wet wipes (think disinfectant or antimicrobial hand wipes), snack bars, and any small, easy-to-grab toys that you can toss their way in the blink of an eye. 

Once the essentials are taken care of, there's still some room for your keys, wallet, and cell phone. We recommend removing the changing mat and using the outer pocket as a quick spot to stash your phone. 

crossbody mom bag

crossbody bag for moms

compact changing kit bag

The beauty of the ToteSavvy Change Kit is that it’s an easy, compact solution for holding everything you need, when you need it, wherever you are. And we love it even more because it grows with your family. 


crossbody change kit

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