Mother’s Day Gifts We Love From Women We Love

Mother’s Day Gifts We Love From Women We Love

mother's day gift guide

Get an idea or two from our top wish list picks for this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day shouldn’t just be a day of recognition and appreciation, it should be a day of empowerment. Women supporting women--and, where we can, mothers supporting mothers-- is our favorite way of raising one another up, especially on the day we get to call our own.  Because while breakfast in bed is great, something about a gift made or created by another woman is even better. This Mother’s Day put the gifts that matter on your wishlist. We’ve put a few of our favorites for your consideration below. 


1. Purlisse Cosmetics

Jennifer Yen is the founder and CEO of this thoughtfully curated collection of skincare products. Inspired by her Asian heritage, Yen created a line of products that blend modern science with ancient wisdom. The result? A glowing complexion (even after a sleepless night, which, even on Mother’s Day, is a real possibility). 


2. Sakara

Sakara was founded by two incredible women that came to the realization that, when you treat food as medicine, your body will respond in incredible ways. Featuring a good and good-for-you menu of inspired meals, plus a Clean Boutique with everything from granola, to detox water drops, and probiotics, too, Sakara is an amazing gift for mothers in a multitude of ways. For days where you prioritize everyone but yourself, Sakara’s no-brainer meal delivery service makes it easy to remember that indulging in good, nourishing food is the fastest way to nourishing your soul and spirit and replenishing your body’s essential nutrients.


3. Sweet Loren’s 

Anyone else have a sweet tooth like us? If you’re sheepishly nodding at your screen, meet Sweet Loren’s, the gluten-free and non-GMO treats that leave us feeling a little less guilty about our favorite indulgences.


4. Lake Pajamas 

Show Mother’s Day your soft side with the gift that perfectly complements breakfast in bed, or your most relaxing mornings. Lake Pajamas are the perfect accessory for lounging around and may turn bedtime into your favorite part of the day (if it isn’t already). 


5. Banner Day 

It’s no secret that, most days, we’re living in a t-shirt. But this Mother’s Day, don’t hesitate to add a bit of luxury to your closet. Banner Day blends a mix of east coast with west coast, and turns an effortless t-shirt into an outfit that’s totally fun.


6. Daydream Weaver 

If jewelry is more your thing, opt for something that’s totally unique. Daydream Weaver is made for the modern girl, and founder and creator Sara Titone weaves a little magic into the perfect pairings for date night, coffee runs--or even Mother’s Day brunch. 

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