New Year, New Organization

New Year, New Organization

A new year signals new beginnings and a fresh start, which is why we asked professional organizer Corinne of Grid + Glam to give us her top tips on getting organized for the year ahead. 

We all deserve a well-earned round of applause for surviving another year in a pandemic. If you’re anything like me, you really can’t wrap your head around where this past year went. And despite feeling a pang of sadness at time lost, you’re so ready for a fresh year, a fresh start, a fresh you! As a professional organizer who helps busy women get organized everyday, I know all too well how difficult it has been to feel like we are on top of it all.  But it is possible! You deserve a wonderful and satisfying life, so I’m sharing my top five tips to bring the best version of yourself into 2022.

  • Cut out all the excess
  • A fresh start is not just about new habits, new routines, and new choices. It actually starts with cutting out everything that is no longer serving us. Think about all the things in your life that make you feel, well, blah. It might be excess clutter, a mile-long to do list, too many plans that you don’t really feel like doing. Cut it all out. 

    There’s tons of research showing a link between clutter and increased cortisol levels, which impact our physical health. And there’s a whole body of other research that shows how clutter negatively impacts our mental health. When we get really intentional about what we allow to stay in our lives, we free up our space and mental energy for what makes us feel really good. 

  • Remember that if it’s not a heck yes, it’s a heck no
  • You might be thinking, ok, that sounds great. But how do I put this in action? Try this tangible tip: when you are faced with a decision, ask yourself if this (you fill in the blank here - item, plans, food, drink, etc.) is a heck yes. If it is, then it’s meant for you. But if it’s a maybe, a sorta, an I’m not sure… then, friend, it’s a heck no. You don’t need it in your life. This simple gut check will always point you in the right direction.

  • Make your life as easy as possible
  • Now that you’re committed to cutting out the excess and saying “heck no” to everything that doesn't light you up, identify all the remaining pain points in your life and make simple shifts to improve them. Your day-to-day life deserves to be as easy as possible. 

    Are you constantly looking for your keys and sunglasses? Create a dedicated spot by your door - maybe even get a pretty tray - and start a new habit of leaving your sunglasses and keys there every.single.time you get home. 

    Do you love switching bags often but can’t deal with switching out your items? The Totesavvy Mini will fit in every purse you have. Fill it with your essentials, and swap it into whatever bag you're bringing that day. If you find these little pain points throughout your day and swap them out with a simple hack, you will be amazed at how much extra time and energy you create. 

  • Adopt a weekly reset practice
  • All the new habits and routines you’re adopting are amazing, but we all know that life gets hectic and sometimes it feels impossible to be on top of it all every day. Commit to doing a once-weekly reset to set yourself up for success long term. I love setting aside a few hours on a Sunday to tidy up the house, do some meal prep, complete a few loads of laundry, and fill up the gas tank. Most importantly, the weekly reset can truly change the way your life runs all week long. So, don’t think of this as another set of tasks to do: it’s really a gift you are giving yourself to live a more centered, satisfied life.

  • Bring on the glam!
  • A lot of us think that getting organized is synonymous with living with less. And in many ways that’s true. But in my world, living with less excess means more time, more space and more money for the glam life. Buy fewer, but nicer quality items that you’ll be obsessed with for years to come. Fill your life with passion and experiences, instead of stuff. Create breathing room for self-care and beauty appointments, or yoga and walks in nature. The magic of an organized life is that you get to decide what the glam life means to you, and you have the time and energy to actually create it and live it.

    It’s been a long year, and now is the perfect opportunity to bring a new energy into our lives. With the five steps I shared today, and the deep knowledge that you deserve a wonderful and satisfying life, I know that you are going to bring the best version of yourself into 2022!

    Corinne Morahan is the founder of the G+G Membership and the CEO of Grid + Glam, an organizing and media company designed to give busy women back their beautiful spaces and the breathing room they deserve. You can find more organizing tips on her website, GridandGlam, and her Instagram.

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