Our Favorite Gifts to Give for the Holidays

Our Favorite Gifts to Give for the Holidays

The most-loved essentials we are happily gifting this holiday season. 

It goes without saying that the holidays are an incredibly special time of year. The way we celebrate, feast and gather is the greatest indulgence, and one we do with love. Gifting, too, is a similarly special piece of the holiday puzzle. It’s also a finely honed craft, an art form that we’ve tried our best to perfect, so that each and every person on our gift list fully realizes how much they mean to us. Finding sentiment in what we gift, and the thought behind it, is what really matters. Up ahead, we’re breaking down our absolute favorite gifts to give our loved ones over the holidays, hopefully helping you check off your gift list. Because perhaps the greatest gift of all is the smile of the recipient when they’ve opened something totally amazing. 


kids gifts


There are few things more frustrating in life than wrangling a baby or toddler into fall and winter layers. But when you find something so special and personalized just for them, how will they ever resist? Mom favorite The Tot just rolled out an exclusive collaboration with Levi’s featuring the personalized trucker jackets that won’t just be a closet staple for your kid, but also their new favorite piece to put on. 


Something handmade and so meticulously crafted takes gift-giving to a whole new level. Featuring an assortment of forest creatures, like deer, foxes, bears and more, this wooden animal set is a timeless classic that will never lose its appeal. The perfect gift for babies and toddlers alike, this set will fit snuggly into their stockings or under the tree, and will be just as perfect when gifted again for the next generation too. 


gifts for significant other



Not your average deck of cards, this thoughtful stack is made to bring you a daily dose of much-needed optimism. This brilliant set of cards is the brainchild of Dr. Deepika Chopra, a woman who has made the practice of optimism her life’s work--and we’re so thankful for it. Get ready to find your happy place with the beautiful deck that’s the perfect size for stocking stuffers, and even more perfect for taking time to reset--a ritual every partner and parent should always prioritize. 


Class up your morning coffee ritual with the french press to end all french presses. This is the perfect gift for your significant other because it’s something you’ll get to enjoy too. Not only is it beautiful, and an effortless complement to your countertop aesthetic, but this functional coffeemaker is the ideal gift for the husband or wife that loves a heaping cup of freshly-made coffee. 




best friends gifts



For your best friend that’s expecting, the ToteSavvy original is the perfect gift to keep her prepared and organized for the next phase of her life. Ready to be packed for the hospital, and used again and again down the road, this present will live alongside her to make the journey into parenthood just a little bit easier (and every bit counts). 


Moms may always have their cell phones on hand, but there’s something very grounding about a good, old-fashioned paper calendar. With lives busier than anyone’s, your best mom friend is sure to need any extra bit of organization she can get, making this the perfect little gift to give.




gifts for grandparents


For the parents and grandparents on your gift list, this book will be the inspiration for future travels, or the beautiful reminder of vacations past. A portrayal of the most stunning spots in Italy, Gray Malin knows how to capture the most special moments that this European destination has to offer. 


The ultra-calming and incredibly relaxing stone diffuser by Vitruvi is a staple for the modern home. The ideal gift for anyone, the brand comes with an assortment of essential oils designed to customize the mood of your room, creating a soft and subtly soothing touch for any atmosphere. 

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