Out and About with Ezpz


We have all experienced (or heard stories about) toddlers picking up their plates and dumping their food out. For me, personally, it is one of those things that is just super friggin’ annoying - it’s messy, I spent time preparing food (how stupid of me), and I’m likely trying to do something else while my daughter is eating. It’s one of those things where, if I’m already irritated about something and then this happens, I just about lose my mind. Wait. I mean, I would never get short with my daughter or get flustered when she bugs the shit out of me. Luckily, there is a solution. ezpz to the rescue!


ezpz, diaper bag organizer, toddler plate, totesavvy


We have actually been using ezpz ever since my daughter started eating solids (so, just short of a year and a half). I was so excited to finally buy one because I had heard rave reviews! My first purchase was their Mini Happy Mat which is smaller and meant for high chairs and travel.  There are many things I love about ezpz. Where do I begin? Their mats are made from silicone, so they don’t absorb color or smells, and they’re easy to clean (totally dishwasher safe). Their silicone sticks to your counter or table, making it really difficult for your child to do the dreaded “I’m going to look you in the eye and dump my entire dinner on the floor” act that we all despise.


ezpz, toddler plate, diaper bag organizer, totesavvy

{Using the mat for the early days of Baby Led Weaning. It fit perfectly on her high chair!}


I have a confession to make, though.  Even though I used to be a teacher and taught reading comprehension all year, every year, my own reading comprehension is not that great. Until a few weeks ago I had no idea that the ezpz bag is meant to be saved and used when out in restaurants, enabling you to bring back your messy plate without messing up your purse. How genius is that? I was so excited to use my mat that I didn't read the packaging. No lie, I kept the bag from my Mini Mat thinking that it was a really nice bag and that I could repurpose it. I’m eye rolling myself so hard right now. 


ezpz, toddler plate, diaper bag organizer, totesavvy


Did I mention that it fits perfectly into ToteSavvy’s side pocket? Because it does. Perfection.


totesavvy, diaper bag organizer, toddler plate, ezpz


Anyway. I feel very lucky in that my daughter loves food. Any kind of food. If it’s edible, she wants it. So, when I tell you that our mats have taken a beating and have been exposed to all sorts of flavors, colors, and sauces, I mean it!  Now that I know the Mini Mat can be used for eating out, I had to put it to the test. Will the bag work well? Will it survive washings? We went out to Mexican food (I wanted to go straight for the jugular and try out some messy food). My daughter had beans, guacamole, salsa, and carne asada marinade smeared on her mat. And rice. Oh, the rice. Toddlers eating rice is like Christmas tree needles: you’re never gonna get it all and you’ll continue to find it months later. Am I right, or am I right?


totesavvy, diaper bag organizer, toddler plate, ezpz

{Messy Mini Mat and restaurant necessities}


I put my dirty mat in the bag, took it home, and washed it. I  liked how the bag closed really easily. It was secure and no-fuss. When I washed it, it felt the same afterward. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised! From now on, I’ll definitely be taking my Mini Mat when we go out to eat. Now, off to find its bag....


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