Packing Deluxe for Pumping at Work

Packing Deluxe for Pumping at Work

As a pumping mom, it’s crucial to supply yourself with the right essentials and proper organization. We love how ToteSavvy Deluxe offers a fully insulated cooler pocket right inside the organizer. This allows for easy storage and transport of your breastmilk without lugging around an additional bag. You have enough on your shoulders, extras bags shouldn’t be weighing you down.

We equally adore the Moxxly Flow when pumping at home or on-the-go. The pump can be worn under your own bra, eliminating the need for a hands-free pumping bra, and allowing you to stay fully clothed while you pump. Nothing is more degrading than stripping off your blouse and bra to squeeze into an uncomfortable pumping bra. Moxxly, we thank you for building a product that allows us to keep our dignity.

During your pumping session, we suggest packing the below essentials:


pumping essentials

Pump – obvs

Moxxly Flow + accessories – your pumping parts

Thin ice pack – to keep your breastmilk cool

Medela Quick Clean Steam bags – to quickly and easily clean your pump parts

Medela Quick Clean wipes – another way to quickly clean your pump parts (we love having options!)

Wet wipes – for any spills or just to wipe your hands

Hand sanitizer – always sanitize before touching your clean pump and parts.

Nipple cream – 100% needed. It will save your nipples from cracking and chaffing

Breastmilk pads – to soak up any milk leaks

Ziplock bag – to store your clean pump parts between pumping sessions

Snack – pumping makes you hungry. Nough said.

Water bottle – Always consider your hydration and make it a priority to drink water

Phone – It’s helpful with your let-down to look at photos or videos of your baby when pumping

All of these essentials fit nicely inside ToteSavvy Deluxe along with your wallet, keys, and other daily items. We suggest pairing Deluxe with an oversized tote as it will allow room to carry the pump motor next to ToteSavvy. 

pumping essentials and totesavvy deluxe

pumping essentials packed inside totesavvy deluxe


A few notes when packing ToteSavvy Deluxe with your pumping essentials:

1. The pump motor will be too large to fit inside ToteSavvy so you'll need to choose a tote that's large enough to fit the pump next to ToteSavvy. In this example, we're using the Neverfull GM (photo below). 

2. You'll notice there's still some room inside the cooler pocket. If you pump multiple times per day, you'll want to bring extra bottles or breastmilk freezer bags. 4-6 bottles will fit inside the cooler pocket. If you're using freezer bags you'll fit even more! 

3. We chose to pack a wallet and the pump battery back in the outer x-large pocket. This one has lots more room inside it for a makeup pouch, phone charger, or anything else you take along with you daily. 


pumping essentials inside the neverfull GM

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