Packing Deluxe for the Gym

Packing Deluxe for the Gym

It’s officially January, which means it’s also officially resolution season. One of the most common resolutions we hear is to stay fit. It’s an admirable resolution and one that many of us struggle with. No judgment here… we too have struggled with keeping to a workout schedule. It’s a daunting thought to jump right into a workout routine as soon as the holidays are over. This is exactly why we want to help make the transition into an active lifestyle that much easier.

From personal experience, we’ve learned you’re more likely to hit the gym (at some point during the day) if you pack your bag in advance. It may seem too simple to work but here’s the thing… if you’re constantly reminded by the sneakers or yoga pants inside your bag, you’ll make more of an effort to get to the gym and cross it off your list. Being prepared for the gym also makes the transition smoother, eliminating any excuses you may come up with.

Here’s how we suggest packing your ToteSavvy Deluxe so you don’t skip out on your resolution.


One of the great things about ToteSavvy Deluxe is it’s extra roomy. This means you can pack your workout gear inside the same handbag you’re carrying around all day. Nice right?! Your workout bag won’t be forgotten in the back of your trunk so your motivation will stay front and center with you throughout the day.

Like to workout first thing in the morning? Pack your outfit inside ToteSavvy instead! Flats fit easily inside the large outer pocket. This comes in handy if you like to pack them to swap out heels towards the end of the day too.


Pack a large water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your workout and day. A reusable water bottle is also an eco-friendly option, helping you with another resolution of living green.

Don’t forget to pack snacks for pre and post workout. We love things like protein bars, whole fruits, and nuts. The cooler pocket is a great spot to store these items and keep them cool throughout your day.


Depending on the time of day you like to hit the gym, you may want to carry a few essentials to freshen up afterward. ToteSavvy’s tall pockets are a great place to store deodorant, face wipes, a few makeup necessities, and more. If needed, the tall pockets could even fit a compact blow dryer, hairbrush, and styling products.


Now that your bag is packed, you’re that much more likely to keep to your plan and hit the gym. If your goal is to work out a few times a week, we recommend packing your ToteSavvy the night before with these essentials so you don't have to rush in the morning. Because 2019 is also going to be the year of zero stress.

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