Packing ToteSavvy for a Newborn

Packing ToteSavvy for a Newborn

packing ToteSavvy for a Newborn


Packing your purse or diaper bag can be so overwhelming! You want to carry enough so that you have everything you need, however you don’t want to be lugging around a suitcase full of things for your baby.

Here at ToteSavvy, we’ve had many years of mothering (and a combined 4 newborns) so we have a tailored down list for you! Here are the basic things you’ll need in your ToteSavvy when you’re out and about.

We know newborns are needy (because they have to be!) but let’s talk about your stuff first.

  • Remember to take your wallet, keys, and phone. It might seem obvious, but I’ve forgotten at least one of these things before!
  • Bring a snack for yourself, as well as a water bottle. You can be a better mom if you’re fed and hydrated. I even keep snacks for myself in my car so I'm never going without.
  • I love my mini pochette. Inside, I keep mascara, lip gloss, a brow pencil, band-aids, a pen, and some hair ties. I never go anywhere without it!

Now, for the baby! You may have extra things you want to take, but here’s a fairly comprehensive list!

  • Diapers and wipes: You’ll need to take several diapers and lots of wipes. There are so many blowouts when they’re brand new.
  • An extra outfit (see: blowouts, above)
  • Milk: Pack either formula or breast milk, and keep it in our insulated pocket for temperature regulation. Newborns use tiny bottles, so you can stack two in there! If you're nursing and not using a bottle be sure to pack any essentials that make nursing easier for you.
  • A carrier- Sometimes a stroller or car seat just isn't going to cut it. Your baby just wants you!  Babywearing is wonderful for many reasons, one of which is that it enables you to still have your hands free while giving your baby the closeness he or she desires. I adored my ring sling! One of the many benefits of a ring sling is that it can tightly roll up and be slipped into a pocket in your ToteSavvy. I was too intimidated to use a ring sling for the longest time, but I wish I had used them from the get-go! (Note: I highly recommend finding your local Babywearing International chapter, they can help you with, and even loan you, a ring sling. I bought a very reasonably priced one from Sleeping Baby Productions. There’s also a few B/S/T groups on Facebook!)
  • A blanket: Copper Pearl makes the softest blankets! A blanket could be used for nursing, a car seat cover, or for warmth. Plus, their prints are adorable!
  • The tiny pockets in the ToteSavvy are perfect for nipple cream or diaper cream. My daughter gets a diaper rash easily, so we always kept some cream on hand.
  • Don’t forget your hand sanitizer! I loop mine around a ToteSavvy handle so that I have easy access.
  • My daughter was a major paci lover, so a pacifier and clip went everywhere with us for the first year of her life. A paci really comes in handy during car rides when you’re unable to help soothe your baby! 

When I was a new mom, I even went so far as to make a little checklist so I knew I'd have the necessities. It's so easy to forget something when you are exhausted and sleep deprived. We hope this list helps packing your bag just that much easier. You got this, mama!



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