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When you have two little ones with you, you need to pack an arsenal of necessities to predict anything and everything that could happen. For example, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding you’ll need to plan ahead for feeding your littlest (or both!) as well as plan snacks for your toddler. While newborns and infants don’t need much in the entertainment department (a teether or small toy will do the trick), toddlers need a lot to keep themselves busy so you’ll want to pack accordingly. Outside of nourishment and entertainment, there are the predictable diaper bag necessities like diapers, wet wipes, creams, etc. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, technically it is, which is why we've narrowed down our packing list to keep you ready for anything without being overloaded.

Take a look through our packing checklist below.

packing for two checklist

All of these items fit nicely inside the ToteSavvy Deluxe organizer. Take a look at how we suggest packing the insert below. You’ll notice we were able to pack 2 bottles for a baby and a snack tower filled with dry formula (pre-measured) and tiny cut-up snacks for a toddler. This snack tower is by Innobaby and is a true space-saver!

diaper bag packing essentials for two


Inside one of the tall pockets, we’ve packed diapers (or Pull-Ups) for both kiddos. We suggest packing 3-4 for your infant and 2 for your toddler. The same pack of wet wipes can be used for both so be sure to grab a large package.

Always pack an extra set of clean clothing for each child. We’ve found both newborns and toddlers go through clothing like crazy so it’s nice to have the extra outfit on hand. Both outfits can be folded and tucked inside the outer pocket of ToteSavvy Deluxe. This is the largest pocket ToteSavvy has and is roomy enough to hold 2 outfits. You’ll notice a wet/dry bag tucked alongside the organizer for any soiled clothing. A Ziplock baggie is a great dupe for this!  You’ll be glad you have this if a nasty blowout happens.

totesavvy deluxe diaper bag organizer insert

totesavvy deluxe diaper bag organizer insert


Want to see this list packed in action? Take a look at our packing video for this exact packing list. Notice how we use each pocket for its best use and don't let any space go to waste. You may also notice the coloring essentials are packed inside the laptop sleeve. This is a great pocket for slim items or even folded clothing! Take a look... 



Download this packing list or watch more packing videos by following this link!


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