Packing ToteSavvy Travel for Easy Weekday Mornings

Packing ToteSavvy Travel for Easy Weekday Mornings

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So you stay sane while your little one gains independence.

Weekday mornings can be hectic––to say the least. Between getting your family dressed, preparing breakfast, and taking that split second for yourself, it’s 9 am in the blink of an eye. Our mission at ToteSavvy is to create products that make your life easier, which of course includes your morning routine. While our tote inserts keep your favorite bag precisely organized, ToteSavvy Travel, is the perfect solution to keeping your morning stress-free whether you’re on a family trip or in the comfort of your own home. 

With six individual pockets and two transparent pouches, ToteSavvy Travel seamlessly allows you to organize nearly a week’s worth of outfits in advance, making getting dressed in the morning a breeze. As a bonus, toddlers can work on their independence within a structured framework. They are able to select an outfit from a pocket and have the opportunity to choose which they’d like to wear that day. This little bit of independence to get dressed and select their favorite style will help build confidence while keeping tantrums over what to wear at a minimum.  


1. Select 5 outfits for your child and lay them out in front of you.

2. Layer the components of each outfit on top of each other and roll them together to form one outfit roll.

rolled outfit

3. Place each outfit inside one of the 6 mesh pockets.


4. Since only 5 pockets will be filled, use the 6th mesh pocket for socks, underwear, or PullUps.

5. The 2 clear pockets on the bottom of the organizer can be used for sunglasses, hair bows, and other small accessories.

organize accessories

6. Once the organizer is packed, hang it inside a closet, on a doorknob, or really anywhere that’s convenient for you and your toddler.

hanging clothing organizer

It’s amazing to see how this small amount of preparation can contribute to streamlining your morning routine. With everything we have to worry about these days, it will be nice to check one thing off your list before you even wake up ;)


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