Your Packing List for Safe Outings

Your Packing List for Safe Outings

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Venturing out of the house these days is no easy task. Quick trips requiring just your wallet, phone, and keys are practically non-existent. As we learn how to safely be in public, especially when bringing children along, there are a few must-have items to ensure you won't be putting yourself at risk. 

Now, more than ever, it's important to have a well-stocked bag––filled with the essentials you know you'll need (even for a quick trip outside). ToteSavvy comes in handy keeping your essentials organized and in place so you don't have to fumble through your bag looking for the hand sanitizer. 


  • Cloth masks - for yourself and your children (assuming they're of age to wear a mask)
  • Hand sanitizer - a new must for leaving the house. Don't forget! 
  • Water bottles - bringing water with you will eliminate the need to buy a bottle of water or find a drinking fountain (which most likely has shut off for safety anyway)
  • Snacks - another good thing to have on-hand to avoid going into a store if you don't need to
  • Wet wipes - always handy, even though they don't disinfect. You could easily swap these for Clorox wipes for surfaces, too!
  • Sunscreen - for those  just in case moments when you get caught in the sun.
  • Lip balm - a must for anyone who hates the feeling of dry lips!

Our "safe outing" packing list can be adapted based on your needs and the ages of your kids (if you have them). If you have an infant, add in diapers, a bottle, teethers, and any other item you find essential. If you're packing for just yourself, consider downsizing to ToteSavvy Mini if you feel you don't need so much room. 

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cloth masks and hand sanitizer

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ToteSavvy is extra helpful in that each item has its own pocket. You can designate a pocket for your clean cloth masks and another for your used masks. After removing your masks to wash, simply wipe the pocket with a disinfectant wipe to ensure it's clean and ready for next time. 

Looking for a bag to fit ToteSavvy? Take a look through our handbag recommendations perfect for our inserts. 


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