Potty Training: You've got this!

Potty Training: You've got this!

I have so many mixed feelings about potty training. I’m excited to no longer deal with diapers, but potty training itself just seems so intimidating. While potty training is a very individual process (what works for one kid may not for another), we can help you arm your ToteSavvy with everything you’ll need to get through this challenging time.

  • A change of clothes: I have not carried a change of clothes with my since my daughter was an infant. However, during the potty training process, you’ll want an extra outfit on you at all times. You may even need to pack extra socks or shoes, depending on the severity of the “situation.” Don’t forget extra pull-ups or underwear!
  • A wet bag: You don’t want to be stuck without something to contain soiled clothing!
  • A seat reducer: We have this one. There are so many out there, but I liked how this one folded up and included a storage bag to keep the gross factor down. I know my daughter will feel more relaxed knowing that she’s sitting on something made for her tiny tush.
  • Wipes: You never want to be caught without them, especially in poo-mergency. Oh, the horror!
  • Reward: While not everyone agrees with using a reward, some kids do need extra encouragement, especially in a public restroom. Those automatic flushing toilets can be scary! A little tube of mini M&Ms is small but will last you a long time. Plus, it already comes in a perfect container!
  • Hand sanitizer: The other day I was in a restaurant bathroom and I could hear a mom telling her child, “Stand still! Don’t touch anything!” I had to stifle my laughter because it’s so true! Your little one is so curious and wants to explore everything. Yuck!
  • Sticky notes: We know it takes some time to get your kiddo situated on a public toilet. And that doesn’t even account for them even using it! It’s scary when the toilet auto-flushes while they’re still actually on the toilet. Buy some small sticky notes to put over the sensor to help prevent this from happening.

What are your potty training must haves (other than a glass of wine at the end of the day)? You got this, mamas! We can do it!

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