Power Baggage by Christy Carlson Romano

Power Baggage by Christy Carlson Romano

A lot changes when you have a newborn. One of the first things you will notice is how many gifts come to your home. Whether they are hand-me-downs from family or boxes from Amazon, your house is sure to start to look a lot different. Move over sharp sided designer table, hello boxy play yard with musical lights and sounds.

Your wardrobe will start to look a lot different, too. Your strappy heels? Say bye-bye until your feet stop being swollen from pregnancy and even then, the running around after your little one really deters you from throwing on your Louboutins for the rare postpartum girls night out.

The question starts to loom in everyone’s mind (Mom and Dad), “where did my life go?”.

Obviously, your life has only gotten better! You are in love with your little one and couldn’t be more proud of your growing family. But so much has happened to you physically and emotionally, that you can’t help but try to reconcile your pre-baby identity with the current happy mayhem.

Look no further than your purses. You know, the one you pinned over until you managed to find it on sale? Or, if you’re like me, your purse collection. Purses are like family to me. I simply can’t say goodbye to them, as long as they are in working order. Naturally, it pained me to watch them on my shelf for the first couple months of postpartum life. I couldn’t help but over-pack when we were going down the street to the park. One thing’s for sure, if we were ever stuck on a deserted island, I would be ready! Well, my baby would be, anyway.

It was only after seeing how ToteSavvy worked within my purses, did I decide that I could have the best of both worlds.

I was able to fit anything baby would need at the park and streamline my new life into any of my beautiful purses. It was like the perfect merging of my two identities. You can’t help but end up with a lot of trinkets and baby gear in that first year, but with ToteSavvy, you still have the freedom to choose your style.

Viva La Glam!!!

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