Seven Ways to use the Clear Pouch Trio Set

Seven Ways to use the Clear Pouch Trio Set
The ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set is so versatile and it now comes in two gorgeous colors--Crème & Black! You can use them to organize your travel bag or your baby bag, use them to pack a car kit for your toddler, organize your work bag, and more! Today, we're sharing seven ways you can use them to stay organized.
Travel Bag
Heading on a trip soon? Use the Clear Pouch Trio Set to organize your carry on bag. The large pouch is great for your planner, a notebook, headphones, or even your laptop--the 13" MacBook Air fits in the large perfectly. The medium pouch can hold your snacks (you always need snacks!), drink mixes, your sunnies, and even your travel jewelry case if you'd like to keep it with you vs in your suitcase. The small pouch is great to use as a travel makeup bag. It might not hold all of your makeup if you travel with a lot, but we love using it for on-the-go touch ups, especially after a long day of travel.
Suitcase Organization
If you've been looking for a way to organize your travel essentials and toiletries, the Clear Pouches will be your new go-to. The large pouch holds tall hair sprays and styling products and the medium pouch is great for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a travel hair brush. The small pouch is great for makeup just like in the travel bag!
Baby Bag
Organizing a baby bag is a strategic task--you need so many essentials at your fingertips, and having them organized is crucial. In the large pouch, think of larger baby essentials like a swaddle, change of clothes (or two!), and a lovey toy. The medium pouch is an ideal size for diapers, wipes, a changing mat, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer spray, and tissues. The small pouch is perfect for your little one's paci clips, teethers, and spoons and forks. Packing them in the clear pouch keeps them clean and all in one place so a paci is easy to grab when you really need it.
Toddler Car Kit
If you're headed on a long road trip with your toddler, a car kit is a necessity. Even with easy-access shows and endless Bluey, they still need other things to entertain them. We love filling the clear pouches with some of their favorite toys and mess-free activities. In the large pouch, pack things like reusable sticker books, board books, and mess-free coloring books. In the medium pouch, you can pack a few of their smaller toys like a play phone, learning tablet, or popper. Toddlers love poppers. In the small pouch, pack a few easy-access snacks for them that they can open on their own. Pouches and fruit strips are a must-have when we pack our car kit!
Pool/Beach Bag
When you're headed to the pool or beach, having a way to pack your essentials to keep them dry and sand-free is a must-have. Whether you're headed with your little one or on your own, we love to use the Clear Pouches for pool and beach trips. If you're with your little one, the large pouch can be used for diaper changing essentials, swim diapers, their swim suit, and a change of clothes. The medium pouch can hold snacks for you and your little one. In the small pouch, we pack sunscreen and a makeup brush to apply the sunscreen to your little one's face. It's the easiest way to blend it all in and make sure their sensitive skin is protected.
Hospital Bag
If you're currently stressing out about how you're going to organize your hospital bag when you have your sweet baby (or know someone that is), Clear Pouches will help keep everything organized--even your partner will be able to help find everything! The large pouch is great to dedicate to your little one--from their announcement outfit, outfits you want them to wear in the hospital, swaddle, wooden sign (you know we all get one now!), and yes, even accessories! The medium pouch is great to put your toiletries. You won't need much during your stay, but having your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothbrush, skincare, etc. will help you feel so much better. The small pouch we used for makeup--you most likely won't need much, but having your makeup for touchups if you plan to take pictures in the hospital with your new addition is a must. OH! Don't forget to pack an extra hair tie or two and chapstick--actual must-haves.
Work Bag organized with the ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set
Work Bag
Head into the office stylish and organized! The Clear Pouch Trio Set helps you organize your gorgeous work tote and keeps your essentials right at your fingertips. The Large Pouch fits up to a 13" laptop--the MacBook Air is shown in the large pouch above along with a full-size planner. The Medium Pouch can hold all your note taking essentials--whether you use a pen and notepad, an iPad, or both! The Small Pouch is perfect for your glasses, tampons, portable charger, card holder, keys, and collapsable phone stand. Keep your smaller essentials together in one place instead of being buried at the bottom of your bag.
Happy packing!

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