Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Summer is here, so we asked our ToteSavvy Community to share what essentials they're carrying with them. From sunscreen to lip balms, we have a list of the go-to items from some of our most in-the-know moms!

Lauren Roscof 

  • Sunscreen - Supergoop Defense Refresh
  • Lip Product - Le Laneige lip mask in vanilla, Too Faced plumping lip gloss in 'Wifey for Lifey', or Tarte lipstick in Salt Lyfe
  • Hand Sanitizer - Ingredients (it smells like heaven and is all clean ingredients as the name suggests)
  • Portable phone charger
  • Air pods or noise canceling headphones
  • Sunnies - Krewe


Natalia Trimnell

For Me

  • Lipgloss and Balm - Buxum 
  • Hair ties -  Gimme Beauty
  • Laptop - Apple
  • Wallet - Louis Vuitton
  • Essential Oil Roller Balls - Doterra

For Baby

  • Diapers and Wipes - Pampers
  • Diaper Paste - Sweet Cheeks
  • Baby Blanket - Goumi
  • Everything Lotion - WileyBaby
  • Bottles - Nano Bebe
  • Baby Sunscreen - Supergoop


Olivia Jeanette

  • Energy Bar - Sakara
  • Snack for the kids - Rx Bar
  • Lip gloss - Bobbi Brown
  • Sunglasses -  Le Specs
  • Baby wipes - WaterWipes

Sophie Collins

  • Wash Cloth - One Wednesday
  • Onesies - Luna Cay
  • Teether - Giving Sundays
  • Bento Box -Lunch Bots
  • Formula - Hipp
  • Pacifier holder -Lou Lou Lollipop
  • Notebook, Stil
  • Lip Gloss - Denise Elliott
  • Sunscreen, Neutrogena
  • Toddler Undies, Mini Cycle
  • Diapers, Huggies
  • Wipes, Huggies


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