The Bags You Need Now

The Bags You Need Now

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2020 didn’t come with a manual, but these bags will help you feel like your life is in perfect working order. 

We’re not sure about you guys, but our social agendas have enough white space to make us wonder why we ever bought a 2020 calendar in the first place. And yet, somehow, despite having fewer places to go, the desire to keep organized is more profound than ever before. Our schedules, our surroundings, our house, our life--it’s all in disarray. If we’re counting, that’s pretty much our entire world. That is, with one exception: our bags. 

At ToteSavvy, our bags are always the most organized. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion. But now, they’re more organized than ever before. Yes, at some point in quarantine, we cleaned out the muck. And free of gum wrappers, receipts, wipes that were used to clean who knows what, we realized we had a cleaner conscious, too. And that new, clearer outlook? Well, it got us thinking… it might be time for a new bag. 

That was spring, and that was our version of spring cleaning. Fast forward to mid-summer, and we’re already thinking about Fall. A new season, a new prospect for impactful change, and a glimmer of hope for a future that is safe, healthy, and clean. With hygiene now more in focus than ever before, we realized there was something to our thought process. Finding a new bag wasn’t just a way to cleanse our spirits, but it was also another way of hitting the reset button. And hell, one other thing: we deserve it. (Read: we could not deserve it more.) 

The perfect bag is out there waiting, nay, calling your name. And in the interest of, say, your sanity, we encourage you to chase your tote bag dreams. And when you find it, we’ve got a ToteSavvy ready to call it home. Here are a few of our favorite bag styles and silhouettes for Fall. 


trend chains

The classic tote bag by Coach that's always in style, especially for the season where we're more in love with chains than ever.  


trend oversize

The best way to weave a little organization into your every day is the oversized bag that’s as ready to move as you are. 


trend sophisticated

Craving structure? This sophisticated tote bag has go-everywhere vibes and enough room for everything you need. 

ToteSavvy helps maintain organization and keep it at an all-time high, no matter the day, the mood, or the bag you choose to wear. Through all the chaos, we came to realize that sometimes a little structure goes a long way. 


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