The Best Backpacks for ToteSavvy

The Best Backpacks for ToteSavvy

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While we love a good handbag, here at Life in Play, sometimes you just need to be totally hands-free. Here are our current favorite backpacks, perfect for an everyday outing or a full day of adventure with your little.


Baggu Drawstring Backpack, Baggu ($42)
baggu backpack, drawstring backpack, diaper bag backpack 

I love the casual, current look of this Baggu backpack. I own a few Baggu reusable shopping totes, but I didn’t know they made bags (and backpacks) until I was shopping around for my Affordable Handbags post. I came across some at Macy’s and was so intrigued! They are really sturdy and high quality. I love this olive color, but their blue and white striped one just screams summer(Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Fawn Design, Fawn Design bag ($159.99)
fawn design, diaper bag backpack 

It’s no secret that we love our Fawn Design bag! This backpack can also be a messenger bag, which is so handy. This bag already has pockets inside, so with the ToteSavvy you will be more organized than ever! I love the easy look of their bags. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Women’s Chambray Polka Dot Backpack, Target ($29.99)
target backpack, chambray backpack, diaper bag backpack 

As we all know, the ‘90s are back! What’s better than old school backpack that’s been updated? Plus, this bag is super easy to pick up on your frequent trips to Target. We know you go there at least once a week! The polka dots add a little bit of interest while keeping everything very neutral. (Best fit: ToteSavvy mini)


Kanken, Fjallraven ($80.00)
 fjallraven backpack, blush backpack, canvas backpack, diaper bag backpack


This backpack is so neat! The top handles are bigger than a normal backpack, making it truly comfortable to carry it by the handles if needed. There are two slim outside pockets, but their profile is such that they’re barely noticeable when not in use. This bag also comes in an insane amount of color choices, making it easy to match your personal style. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


The Transport Rucksack, Madewell ($198.00)
 madewell backpack, leather backpack, drawstring backpack


I am such a sucker for cognac colored bags, and this is no exception. I love the collar stud closures. The outside pocket is perfect for things like your phone, tissues, or hand sanitizer - things you’ll be reaching for often. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Watson Lane Hartley, Kate Spade ($248.00)
 kate spade backpack, nylon backpack, diaper bag backpack

You guys. I cannot handle the stripes on this backpack - how cute are they? This backpack is made from Kate Spade’s signature nylon, so you know it’s durable and easy to clean. Plus, that makes this backpack really light to wear. I like how the straps are padded for comfort. You'll need that when your kid decides to bolt in the parking lot. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Dawson Backpack, Herschel ($69.99)
 herschel backpack, large backpack, grey backpack, diaper bag backpack


This backpack is one of the taller ones I’ve come across. I appreciate these types of backpacks because I can easily shove a sweatshirt in the top, no problem. I had a really hard time coming up with which color to put here, since the backpack comes in nearly thirty colors and patterns! The drawstring cord and buckle closure make sure your items stay safe inside. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Siesta Key Backpack, Tommy Bahama ($98.00)
 tommy bahama backpack, palm print backpack, summer backpack, diaper bag backpack


What’s more summery than Tommy Bahama? I love this watercolor print; it’s unlike anything I’ve come across before. The leather  handle and zipper pull really tie this all together in classic Tommy Bahama fashion - relaxed, but classic. The nylon lining is always a plus, since we all know spills are bound to happen now and again! (Best fit: ToteSavvy Mini)


Tassel Tote, Life In Play ($198.00)
tassel tote, backpack diaper bag, three in one diaper bag, totesavvy diaper bag 

I couldn’t finish this post without including our own Tassel Tote, which is the most versatile bag featured here. It can be worn as a cross body bag, shoulder tote, and a backpack. Its pebbled grain leather is super soft and will stand the test of time. Plus, black is a color that is perfect year-round. My favorite color combination for summer has always been black and white. You’ll look so chic wearing this bag wherever you go!

One thing to note is that this is the only backpack I have found that will comfortably fit the original ToteSavvy. While I love the Mini (I use it on a daily basis), some situations call for more items, and the original ToteSavvy is meant for just that. Since this bag was made specifically to fit the ToteSavvy, you can't get a better fit than this!  

I love how there are so many stylish backpack options at all price points. There truly is something for everyone! Which backpack do you like to use?

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