The Craziest Place You've Ever Changed a Diaper

The Craziest Place You've Ever Changed a Diaper

craziest place you've changed a diaper

To usher in the release of our new launch, we asked the moms in our life about the most unconventional places they’ve ever changed a diaper.

As a parent, there’s nothing that pushes us to our limits quite like the unexpected bathroom break our diaper-clad baby always seems to drop on us at the most inopportune time. (They know, right? Like, they must know...) An ill-timed poo can really stop us in our tracks, especially if we have no well-equipped area to change a messy nappy. Luckily, as moms, we have fast become accustomed to thinking on our feet. And things are about to get a whole lot easier for you with our latest launch; it’s so good, you’ll actually be excited to change a diaper. In the meantime, let’s all take a moment of silence to remember the most absurd and literally off-the-wall places these moms have ever changed a diaper. Like we said, pure insanity… 


“On a deep freezer in the kitchen of a restaurant!” --Lisa K., @addictedtohairlockport 


“When my son was four months old I had to change him on the bathroom floor of a very busy McDonalds during a Chicago Cubs baseball game.” --Tiffanie S., @energeewhizz 


“The craziest place was in a cab!! Visiting my family back in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, big city, and [moving] around either in public transportation or cabs, so we had a long drive to the place we were going and well... duty calls! Poor cab driver.” --Flor, @kabana_community  


“On a 6" deep windowsill, above/behind a toilet, in a restaurant. Poor kid. [AND], on a dining table at a brewery (so grossed out now in retrospect that I did this... but I was a new parent and totally brain dead at the time... and they didn't have a bathroom I could do it in, and I saw others doing it too sooooooo.)” --Kelsey S., @ShopMiliMili 


“On the ground in front of a church in Lake Como.” --Michelle Piccolo, @feedingourtoddlers 


“My hubby and I have done several hiking trips with our daughter so two crazy spots come to mind because we always hike far enough that a diaper change was necessary: 1.) Outside the Lake Agnes Teahouse (which takes 2 hours to hike to) in Banff National Park in Canada, and  2.) At the Kallur lighthouse on the island of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands.” --Hannah J., @habejo 


“Seat of an airplane.” --Petria B., @petriaboutin  


“The craziest place I've changed a diaper (so many!). My favorite is on a bar in Lloret de Mar, a coastal town near Barcelona. We took a trip there when our first baby was 4 months and I was on maternity leave. We frequently found ourselves in fairly inconvenient places for diaper changes. One night we were having dinner with friends at their favorite local spot and found out mid-meal there was no room or changing table in the restroom. We asked the restaurant if we could clear off the bar counter and they were more than happy to accommodate!  That memory will go down as one of the funniest.” --Severina O., @gabriisle 


“On the side of the road, on a backstreet, in the middle of nowhere Staten Island. It. Was. Weird. AND it was a blowout.” ---Charlotte B.K., @charlotteblakekaplan 


“In the bathroom on the train from Rye, NY to Manhattan.  No changing tables, so [I] had to do it standing up.  Best part? I didn't realize until after the [poopy] diaper change that they don't have trash cans on the train and I didn't have a plastic bag. #success” --Jessica G., @taavi_village 


“Well I have definitely changed diapers in many great locations but the best has to be in the middle of gay pride parade I was walking home from yoga and Laszlo had an up the back poop and I had to change him on a park bench while a dance party was in full action.” --Tara C., @thismamasoul 



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