The Mom-Friendly Travel Organizer You've Been Waiting For

The Mom-Friendly Travel Organizer You've Been Waiting For

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Travel may look a little different these days but that doesn't mean it's any less chaotic––especially when it comes to packing for your little one.

ToteSavvy was founded on the basis of simplifying parenthood with the philosophy that a little organization goes a very long way (our genius bag organizer is known for keeping madness-inducing messes to a minimum). And now, we’re expanding our organizational prowess to travel, making mindful packing easier and more effortless than ever before.

Introducing, ToteSavvy Travel 

Packing cubes are helpful--until they aren’t. Kids will, without fail, create messes. And despite thoughtfully folding and rolling each clothing item and packing them into their cubes, kids will find a way to turn a pristinely packed suitcase into complete and total chaos. Each of these moments became a building block for the Travel Organizer. 

With each outfit stored inside its own pocket, your child can quickly and easily grab what they need without disturbing everything else. It also takes the pressure off of the parents to decide what to dress their child in. You just grab an outfit and go. Simple and easy.


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Then there’s the cherry on top of it all. When an outfit is soiled, simply bunch it up and stick it back inside the same pocket. No need to carry a separate bag for dirty laundry or sift through your entire suitcase trying to find a clean pair of underwear. 


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Keep up to 6 outfits neatly packed inside ToteSavvy Travel, with room for little extras inside the 2 clear zip pockets. On the reverse side, you'll find a long garment bag perfect for storing dresses, light jackets, and sweaters. 


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ToteSavvy Travel includes a swivel hook to easily hang over a closet rod, bathroom door, or just about anything else. Each outfit stays in place until you need it making outfit changes a breeze. 

When it's time to leave, simply roll the organizer (now packed with soiled clothing) back up and pop it in your suitcase. Traveling with kids has never before been this easy. 


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ToteSavvy Travel is, of course, a great option when traveling, but it also serves as a great tool to streamline your morning. With 6 mesh pockets, you can plan your child’s outfits for the week ahead of you. It’s compact enough to hang on a closet door or on a dresser knob so you won’t have to sacrifice space. 


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