Newborn Diaper Bag Checklist

The essentials that make life with a new baby easy (well, easier). 

The newborn days are daunting, and whether you’re a first-time mom or genuine professional, packing a diaper bag for a newborn is a next-level experience that’s hard to perfect. That is, until now. Bags are kind of our thing, and because we’re experts on the topic, we’re here to divulge the absolute essentials that every new mom always needs to have on-hand. 

Packing a diaper bag seems easy enough--until the moment you realize you are a diaper short and an outfit change down. Avoiding any potential mishaps isn’t always possible, but because hindsight is 20/20, we’re going to attempt to spare you. From every mistake we’ve made, and every experience we’ve learned from, here’s the ultimate checklist for packing your diaper bag for every single outing with a newborn baby. 


newborn diaper bag essentials packing list




Diapers + Wipes + Cream

Perhaps the most essential items to always accessorize your fashionable diaper bag are, well, diapers. That, plus wipes and baby ointment, are must-haves when it comes to potential blowouts (they will occur) and messes or irritation that may also ensue. 

Onesie / Outfit Change

Spit up is one thing, a blowout is another (see above). In addition to the diapers and wipes that you’ll need, make sure they’re always accompanied by an extra onesie or full-on outfit change. “Just in case” may as well become your new mantra for motherhood. 

Hat + Socks

No matter the time of year, a hat and socks provide warmth when needed, and some sun shade too. Which is important for newborns that aren’t able to wear sunscreen just yet. 


The beauty of our removable diaper bag inserts is their versatility, which is the same reason our love for swaddles is boundless. Swaddles aren’t just relegated for nighttime use--they’re the multi-functional baby accessory that needs to be on-hand at all times. Beyond swaddling, its uses run aplenty: think burp cloth, nursing cover, a lightweight and blanket when you’re in a pinch, and so much more. Never leave home without one--or three. 

Changing Pad 

From park benches to public restrooms--and everywhere in between--a changing pad is another must-have that we don’t recommend leaving home without. When we created our removable bag inserts, we decided a built-in changing pad was a motherhood essential. Make sure yours is always rolled up inside your ToteSavvy before leaving home! 


Not every baby takes a pacifier, but for those that do, keep a few in your diaper bag at all times. With plenty of pocket storage, you’ll be able to do so easily--offering both mom and baby a chance for calm. 

Hand Sanitizer 

We love to keep a good hand sanitizer in one of our front pockets for easy access post-diaper change, and for everything else, too. 


Whether breastfeeding or formula-feeding your newborn, you’ll want to make sure you’re all set up for feeds on-the-go. In the case of breastfeeding, a nursing cover or swaddle is something you may want to have with you. If you’ve pumped and will be bottle feeding expressed milk while out, there’s the convenient ToteSavvy Deluxe with a cooler pocket for milk storage, too. And for bottle feeds, consider packing a S’well bottle with warm water and a bottle of pre-measured formula for when baby gets hungry. 

Snack (for you) 

Mama’s got to eat, too, especially when breastfeeding. Keep a large bottle of water nearby for hydration, and a snack bar or some dried fruit and nuts for sustenance. (Coffee doesn’t hurt either.) Our ToteSavvy Deluxe cooler is big enough for you and baby, so pack it up


It’s never too early to engage your children with the world, and small toys are a great way to offer distractions to crying jags. Newborns aren’t particularly inclined to do much more than sleeping, but some contrast board cards or even something that hangs from their stroller is nice to keep in your bag. 


newborn essentials diaper bag packing list


newborn essentials diaper bag packing list

With so much to remember as a new mother, and a tiny little human to maintain and care for, the last thing you need is to always be asking: “so… what do I need in my newborn’s diaper bag again?” Keep this checklist nearby, and you’ll be fine. Other than that, they just need love--and we know you’ve got a lot to give. 


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