Discover Which ToteSavvy Works Best For You (And Your Lifestyle)

Discover Which ToteSavvy Works Best For You (And Your Lifestyle)

Remember those quizzes we used to take in old-school, authentic, glossy paper magazines that would tell us what kind of guy we were meant to be with, or what kind of career woman we would be? This post is a little bit like that--without the cheesy questions. 

We all have a type--a mode of cooking, a ritual for bathing, a driving style. But what kind of mom are we? Each of us gravitates towards a certain type of style of parenting. In a way, it’s an extension of our past life, and the way we bring our interests that preceded having children into motherhood. And the best way to accommodate our lifestyle lies in finding the perfect bag--and bag organizer--that keeps it all together. Find your perfect fit for your lifestyle with the bags and organizers that seamlessly align with your parenting style. Full breakdown below! 


the high fashion momphoto credit @thatgirlgick

Designer handbags are an investment, and one you likely don't want to shelve just because you're a mom. Your beautiful bag also deserves to be beautifully organized. 

Pair ToteSavvy Deluxe or Original with the luxury handbag or your choosing. A few favorites include Louis VuittonChanel, and Dior (Designer tip: not only are they the perfect fit, they keep your bag lining looking untouched and totally pristine.)



outdoorsy momphoto credit: @jeneaeng

From the beach to the park, and everywhere in between, we have the active mom covered. Adventure bags require max organization for the nuts, snack bars, and water bottles that need quick and easy grabbing. Fun fact: our mini organizer fits seamlessly into smaller bags and backpacks, too. 

Pair a sporty backpack with ToteSavvy Mini. We love the Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack in size small or medium. 



urban mom

City dwelling requires major inventiveness and creativity when it comes to motherhood. Life is not just almost always on-the-go, it's almost always exclusively on foot. This lifestyle demands a special type of organization, and the ability to grab whatever you need in a New York minute. Our Original Organizer fits perfectly into an oversized tote so that whether over your shoulder or riding in your stroller, you can really grab-and-go. 

Pair ToteSavvy Original with the MZ Wallace Metro Deluxe large tote. It's the perfect lightweight on-the-go bag for city dwellers.



working mom

The working mom needs a bag that does double-duty--something that works overtime to accommodate office life and mom life in equal balance. And though the juggle is real, the things in your bag don't need to be up in the air. Keep your life in perfect working order with the Deluxe Organizer, our interpretation of max organization that gives structure to even the craziest of days. 

Pair ToteSavvy Deluxe with a sleek and stylish boss bag like the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Megan’ tote




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