The Virtual Baby Shower Gift Guide

The Virtual Baby Shower Gift Guide

virtual baby shower gift guide

Our favorite gifts to send when you can't be there in person

As baby showers are being moved from in-person celebrations to virtual affairs, there is still a running list of things that the mom-to-be in your life needs. Let's face it, quarantine or not, that baby is coming. 

Essentials can mean a little something different for everyone. But what really matters is what makes the new mom feel her best. Use this list as a guide for the things that might have missed the baby registry--but will certainly be appreciated.

ToteSavvy Gift Sets

At ToteSavvy, it’s our brand’s mission to simplify your hectic lives. This is why we created not just the ToteSavvy, but these thoughtfully curated Infant Gift Sets, too. Packed with true essentials, you’ll unlock a world of tiny treasures--like an organic cotton sleeper, the coveted Sophie La Giraffe, and so much more. Each piece has been thoughtfully picked to keep time at home with a newborn as easy as possible. 

Meal Delivery

Eating may seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re a new parent, sometimes the only person you’re thinking about feeding is the thing you just baked for nine months. So one of the best gifts for a fresh mom is a meal delivery service, and ideally, one that keeps her immunity up, helping her to heal faster--and feel like her best self. Plus, when going to the grocery store isn’t an option, meal deliveries work two-fold to keep you healthy. 

Diaper Subscription 

Diapers aren’t simply an absolute necessity, they’re also expensive, and something that constantly needs replenishing. To further simplify things for the new mama in your life, get her a diaper subscription. She’ll thank you for having one less thing to think about, and she’ll be especially grateful for at-home deliveries when she’s stuck at home in quarantine, too. 

Guava Lotus Travel Crib 

Even if traveling the world with a little one isn’t on her agenda (which is most certainly the case for everyone right now), new moms will love the Lotus Travel Crib by Guava. Not only is it dummy-proof (it’s super easy to pack and unpack), but you’ll also probably use it way more than you think--like as a baby bassinet for those first few months they’ll be in your bedroom, or as a playpen for the living room so you can have eyes on them while you cook or fold laundry. 

A Boppy Pillow 

Similar to the travel crib, the Boppy Pillow packs way more versatility than you’d expect from its little size and is ideal for time spent at home. Mom can use it as it’s originally intended (a nursing pillow), then as baby grows it can be used as soft structure to support baby while sitting up and playing. 

Blackout Curtains 

One of the most important first steps in becoming a new mother is setting a routine for your new baby, and the best way to do that is by setting the mood. Blackout curtains will set the scene for bedtime, especially for any summer babies that get daylight until 9pm, or intrusive streetlights that never turn off. If you're unsure of the aesthetic of baby's nursery, you can find blackout curtain liners that attach to most curtains. 

Extra Large Water Bottle 

New moms, especially those that breastfeed, are told to imbibe a lot of water. And no matter what, hydration is essential. The best solution? Keeping a filled water bottle with you at all times, like this one--which is easy to open (and does so quietly, without a squeaky or cumbersome lid). This gift is perfect in times where mom and baby are at home, and the most travel they're doing is from room to room, she’ll find this is an easy option for staying hydrated while roaming the house. 


Birthing a child is a full-body experience--one that is beautiful yet exhausting. Pair that with sleepless nights and new, around-the-clock expectations, and the thought of putting on a pair of jeans (if they even fit), is completely out of the question. Every new mom should have a pair of comfy, cozy sweatpants on hand. Bonus points if they’re cute because she’ll be living in them for a while. Our recommendation: embrace it! 

Sound Machine 

Sound machines aren’t just for blocking out auxiliary noise that might wake baby, they're also excellent at soothing them. Plus, it’s another amazing way to set the mood for bedtime, creating the building blocks for new nighttime routines. Mom and dad-to-be will continue to thank you for this gift as it continues to keep bedtime under control for years.  

Bottle of Champagne or Wine (or Sushi)

A nice basket compilation featuring their favorite pre-pregnancy indulgences isn’t just thoughtful, it may just be deemed essential as well! But when takeout or a trip to the liquor store is out of the question, consider meal delivery services that will keep you well-fed, like UberEats, Seamless, GrubHub, Doordash, and Caviar. As for wine… Plonk Wine Club delivers organic wines right to your door, making us think maybe quarantine isn’t so bad.


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