Tips to Getting Your Nursery Ready

Tips to Getting Your Nursery Ready

Getting your nursery set-up just right can be exciting, yet also overwhelming. We turned to organizational expert, Lisa Jacobs from Imagine it Done for her tips on setting up your space for your newest arrival just right!

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Whether you are a first-time parent or expecting another, getting ready for the baby's arrival will be a life-changing, exciting experience. With so many changes to internalize over the 9+ months of pregnancy, the tasks for preparation can be as daunting as it is thrilling. Aside from the health and wellness factors, there are logistic decisions to consider in creating the nursery; the layout, decor, and of course the essential tools. Selecting from the latest and greatest products to make this chapter in your life thrilling and peaceful can be potentially overwhelming.  

We typically see that soon-to-be parents are quick to buy clothing and decorative accessories before they consider the space, the furniture, and essentials for the nursery. Here at Imagine it Done, we urge you to carefully review the layout of the room for the placement of the crib, changing table, glider, side table, lighting, shelves, and of course the closet or armoire. Once the space is ready you will be calmer and at peace as you prepare for your little one’s arrival. You will take comfort in knowing that you and your baby will have a functional, playful, and safe nursery.  

At Imagine It Done, our clients rely on us to guide them through this thrilling chapter, from conception to delivery. We provide essential information including a detailed list of organizational tips, products, and a large dose of comfort. I am a mom of 3 children. I too understand the fears, joys, and rewards experienced, especially during the first few years of the baby's life. In fact, I am, 34 years later happily involved in their grown-up lives. 

It is so important to never forget how quickly time passes. In making their first home safe, functional, and peaceful these rules of order will undoubtedly impact them for a lifetime. An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life!

Here are some tried and true Imagine It Done tips and tricks for getting the nursery ready:

  • Choose a crib that will grow with the baby and can be lowered as the baby gets more mobile. 
  • Blackout shades are a must to ensure the baby's room is dark for daytime naps. If installed shades are too much of an investment, temporary blackout shades will do the trick. 
  • Invest in a changing table that serves as a dresser as well. Make space on the tabletop next to the cushion for go-to baby changing supplies.
  • Be smart in setting up the baby’s closet to maximize space for a growing child. Invest in Elfa system shelving and baskets. This is the perfect, cost-effective solution to maximize vertical space and accommodate all clothing plus the supplies. Always leave room among the sections of the closet for future clothes as the baby continues to grow!
  • Invest in Baby hangers. This will streamline the overall look of the closet and maximize hanging space.
  • Choose a hypoallergenic rug. This provides the perfect surface where the baby can crawl and play.
  • Add floating shelves for books and photos instead of a bulky bookshelf.
  • Choose a rocker/ glider that coordinates with your decor and make sure it is the proper size for the room.

How to properly set up the changing table:

  • Top Drawer: diapers, wipes, and extra essential supplies (creams, thermometer, nail clipper, brush, medicines, etc). 
  • Middle Drawer: rolled casual/everyday baby clothes (onesies, PJs), bibs & burping cloths. 
  • Bottom Drawer: folded linens, swaddles & blankets. 
  • Keep diaper pails and hamper on the side of the changing table to easily discard diapers and clothing without leaving the baby's side.

For more tips and tricks to organizing your space, be sure to check out Imagine it Done online and instagram!

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