ToteSavvy & After School Sports

ToteSavvy & After School Sports



With school in full swing, after-school sports are beginning to pick up too. My oldest daughter just turned 5 which means she's all about her extracurricular activities. This season, soccer is her go-to sport!

Adding after-school activities to my schedule seemed daunting at first––epecially with 2-year-old twins tagging along––but I learned a few tricks to make the addition easier and more enjoyable for all. 


Organize Your Day the Night Before


There are evenings when I loathe this advice (because I just want to collapse onto the couch and not move) but it's truly a lifesaver. Every evening prior to soccer practice, I pack my ToteSavvy and my daughter's backpack. In the morning, I'm confident we won't forget something important at home (like her soccer shoes). I'll even go a step further and place everything right in front of the door so we literally cannot leave without it. Take that, mommy brain! 




Equip Yourself With Snacks


The first question my children will ask me as we're leaving preschool is "do you have a snack for me?" With that in mind, I unfailingly pack an arsenal of snacks to be consumed both on the way to soccer and during practice.   

One of my favorite gear items for toting snacks is the Logan & Lenora Wet + Dry Portfolio. I can store an extensive amount of snacks inside this pouch while fitting it nicely between the pocket panels of my ToteSavvy.  






Make Yourself Comfortable


Soccer fields and parks tend to have limited seating. I don't mind camping out on the grass, but prefer to have something between myself and said grass to avoid stains or a wet behind. Gathre makes gorgeous bonded leather all-purpose mat perfect for our soccer practices. It's waterproof and completely wipeable too. 

The three of us (my twins and myself) have a little picnic as we watch their sister play. My plethora of snacks keep the twins happy and entertained while I enjoy a quiet moment contemplating how it's possible I have a 5-year old soccer player already. 

 gathre mat





Bring a Beverage


Depending on the weather, an ice cold sparkling water or steaming latte is the cherry on top of your leisurely soccer practice. It may seem like a luxury to have a fun beverage on-hand but it's so worth it. 

Your beverage can also be planned ahead of time (yay for planning!) keeping you from dragging 3 kids to Starbucks as you're running late to practice. I prep my beverage in the morning and pour inside a Swell bottle to keep it hot or cold. Cold beverages stay cool for 24 hours while hot beverages stay hot for 12.






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