ToteSavvy Mini Ready-to-Go


As my daughter has gotten older, my handbag needs have changed. A.J. goes to daycare a couple times a week and in the fall she will start preschool. When I’m not with her, sometimes it’s nice to really pare down what’s in my bag, and leave my toddler necessities at home. The ToteSavvy Mini is perfect for this purpose. That way I can just keep it by the door, dropping it in my purse on the way out.

Here are some things I pack in my Mini so it's always ready when I need it:

  • One pull-up, and a small pack of wipes: We rarely need to do a diaper change while we’re doing errands. If I’m to be totally honest, sometimes I may not even have a pull-up with me because I keep a deluxe changing kit in my trunk with several of them.
  • A variety of snacks: My toddler’s preferences change more often than the wind (I know you can relate)! I keep a few bars, a fruit pouch or two, or some crackers.
  • A sippy cup: I only pack water in my Mini so that if I forget about a sippy cup, it’s not the end of the world. I recently found what must have been weeks old sippy cups in my car and was so thankful that they weren't full of milk!
  • Entertainment: I will pack a book, some stickers, and maybe some blank paper she can color on. The middle compartment is perfect for this. We shared our top picks in this post.
  • Odds and ends: The small pockets are perfect for things like hair ties, bows, and band-aids. Now that it’s summer, I will pack a small bottle of sunscreen. If you can’t find a small bottle of your preferred sunscreen, buy a tiny squeeze bottle and pour the contents in there. There’s no reason to carry around more weight than you have to!
  • Hand sanitizer: I will forever have my hand sanitizer looped on to the handle so that I can access it easily. Plus, it frees up a pocket for something else!


The ToteSavvy Mini is much more compact than the original size, however you may be surprised how much can fit inside! It’s so nice to have my Mini by the door so that as I’m heading out with my daughter I can just throw it in my bag on the way out!



ToteSavvy Mini on-the-go diaper bagToteSavvy Mini on-the-go diaper bag

ToteSavvy Mini on-the-go diaper bag

ToteSavvy Mini on-the-go diaper bag 


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