Favorite Places to Travel with Kids

fav places to travel with kids

Whether you're taking a road trip a few hours from home or getting on a cross country flight we are firm believers that exploring new places with children is a gift, especially after we have spent the last year at home. Sure, there will be extra baggage and an unexpected meltdown (or four), but the experiences you share when you're away from your normal routine are priceless. To get some inspiration, we asked our ToteSavvy community to share their favorite places to travel as a family and we already have wanderlust!


Brit Allen // @happilyeverallen

"We started traveling with our little one at 2 months old and she’s been from one end of the coast to the other! (New York to California!) Honestly, anywhere with her is our favorite!  Totesavvy makes my carry-on look luxe! What the passengers on the plane don’t know is that my tote doubles as my diaper bag and is organized to the max!"  Brit Allen @happilyeverallen

Hillary Folkvord // @hillaryfolkvord

"I read the other day, trips create moments worth being in. And this could not be more true for us. Ever since Nick and I met in our 20’s, we have traveled. Mostly because we dated long distance for 3 years, we would pick a fun place to meet monthly. But on May 2nd, our daughter was born and just like that, a loop around the neighborhood sounded daunting. With just 10 days of life behind her, we started out for our first road trip to Canada for a wedding. She did great and from that day on we took her everywhere. We know she won’t remember all of it, but I certainly will remember nursing her in the middle of the night listening to the waves crash in Mexico, watching her enjoy her first croissants at the top of the Eiffel Tower and peaceful strolls along the quaint streets of Nantucket." Hillary Folkvord @hillaryfolkvord


Taylor Schultz  // @tayleralexiss 

"Although we’re Miami Beach-based, LA is always worth the long flight! I brought my son on a solo trip at 3 months for his first time. We hiked, went to the country mart, had a picnic and enjoyed time at el matador beach together. I love the weather as well as the emphasis on health and wellness that the west coast offers." Taylor Schultz  @tayleralexiss 


Bianca Tevez // @biamommy

“Our favorite vacations to take so far have been beach vacations, they are easiest to pack for since they require the least. For us, it was especially magical to head back to our honeymoon destination in Hawaii (Maui) with our kids.” Bianca Tevez @biamommy


Danielle Saluan // @diariesofdanielle

palm springs

"We love taking family trips to Palm Springs! It's just a quick road trip for us from Orange County and it's the perfect relaxing getaway to the desert!" Danielle Saluan @diariesofdanielle


Jessica Lee // @thedavisstandard

"Our favorite place to travel as a family is the Grand Cayman Islands. We love the quick flight (from NYC) to get there, beautiful beaches, snorkeling with stingrays and the calm crystal clear waters. We specifically love the Ritz there but the island is really great with many resorts that are family-friendly." Jessica Lee @thedavisstandard


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